About us

GoGreeceNow.com is an ongoing project by North Events with the main objective of providing all necessary information on Greece as a travel, culture and gastronomy destination.

North Events is a highly specialized consulting and communication agency for the Greek tourism industry. It provides consulting services mainly for the tourism sector and the export product industry and publishes the first travel magazine editions for Greece in 4 countries and 4 local languages (Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark). North Events’ services include planning and organizing marketing campaigns, exhibitions, promotional events, road shows, publishing and internet marketing.

• Being the first company specializing in communicating Greek tourism, culture and products abroad.
• Maintaining leadership in producing innovative ideas and concepts deriving from our long term experience and know how.
• Enhancing Greece’s core activities in major markets of Scandinavia.
• Exploring novel opportunities in new markets and countries.
• Strengthening our publishing activities across Europe and the world by cooperating with leading distribution companies.

How we work
We work closely together with our clients to comprehend the full range of capacities, strengths and weaknesses involved. Our main moto is to bring new inspiration to the way we market your service or product. Experience is the second element we bring into our work to create a unique campaign strategy, specially tailored to your marketing needs.

The team
We are a small, personal and professional team with in depth experience in the fields of tourism and export products cooperating with leading companies and experts. Our motivation for creating unique marketing campaigns and innovative, highly targeted promotions is a result of our constant observation and study of the fast changing and challenging international market.

“Kalimera Greece” are the only editions for travelling to Greece, including gastronomy and local cuisine sections, cultural insights… and so much more!
Since 2008, North Events has been the exclusive publisher of the only free press magazine editions on Greece for the Scandinavian countries. All focus on travel and taste (gastronomy and Greek products) including interviews, presentations and extended editorials with rich photographic themes, in 4 local language editions: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.
As publisher, North Events seeks to bring out the best of Greece into one complete edition for satisfying even the most experienced traveller. The aim is to cover not only the most popular tourism destinations but also the yet undiscovered paradises – the very particular traditions, local culture and fascinating activities that a traveller will seek to experience when on holiday.

GoGreeceNow.com is the first, only portal focusing on Greece as a travel, culture and gastronomy destination, all under one great website! A tool for the keen surfers of the web, but also a practical guide for the less experienced internet users. The website is well structured to provide information not only on the most popular and already widely known tourism destinations in Greece, but also on the yet undiscovered paradises, waiting to be explored! Alternative tourism activities such as trekking, rafting, gastronomy tips and recipes, cultural agendas etc. as well as many useful tools for the “Greece enthusiast” (weather forecasts, online monitoring of passenger vessels, accommodation offers and many other services), altogether constitute a truly useful portal – all there is to know about Greece.

North Events has been participating in all main travel fairs in the Scandinavian region since 2009 promoting Greek tourism and gastronomy. Our co-exhibitors include hotels, travel services, associations and destinations from Greece’s most popular tourist regions. We provide total solutions, from stand design – construction – consignment, to shipment for your marketing materials, on the spot assistance, registrations and thorough guidance throughout preparation as well as following up after the fairs’ completion.
Our key aim is to offer a carefree experience to our co-exhibitors, we take care of all the technical preparations and procedures so that you can focus on generating awareness for your business and sales… we take care of all the rest! Furthermore we are always ready to provide with advice and consulting in structuring of your biz strategy on potential new cooperation’s, we can assist you in aiming at the right direction and provide you with years of experience in the Scandinavian market.

Greece Panorama
North Events has been touring Scandinavia’s largest international travel fairs over the past 5 years. Having acquired significant experience, knowhow and listening to the markets trends while identifying the “gaps”, led us to envision the first exclusive exhibition for Greece. All of Greece under one roof – into one true Greek experience for our visitors.
Greece Panorama is the only dedicated travel and taste fair for Greece in Sweden, in the heart of Stockholm. The exhibition features a number of hotels, tour operators and travel agencies, destinations, services, traditional Greek products and unbeatable travel offers to Greece. Tourism, Gastronomy and Culture are the main sectors presented.
Main sponsors and supporters include the Greek Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO), the Hellenic Hotel Federation, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Hellenic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Apollo, Fritidsresor, Ving, Airtours, Solresor, Fontana, Aegean Airlines, Detur, Tema Resor and more.
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Sustainable Greece
A private initiative for communicating Green tourism practices in Greece by participating in international fairs and conferences abroad. The “Sustainable Greece” campaign is a milestone on promoting green companies and regions from the tourism and product industry in international exhibitions and events. It is a unique project for stimulating a selection of Greece’s leading green companies and authorities to participate in international exhibitions, conferences & events in strategically selected markets abroad.
Promoting sustainable development has become a necessity in the tourism industry. As a result of the constantly growing pressure from consumers, companies, local authorities and organizations are now working closely together for implementing environmentally friendly practices. The travel industry has been in the forefront of these latest developments for the past years, and tour operators have now come closer to meeting demand for eco-friendly travel services. Management in many hotel establishments across the country of Greece have foreseen the market shift towards these eco-green trends.
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