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Trekking HellasAdventures in Greece with Trekking Hellas
Trekking Hellas is more than just an outdoors company. It is a team of devoted nature lovers who share a common vision which in a few words is “the deliverance of authentic experiences in nature”. Love for nature, action and travel, broadened horizons, but most of all, lush to spread our know how and passion to all of you, are the main ingredients who led and continue to lead Trekking Hellas to the summit of the Greek outdoor travel and corporate market. Whether you are searching for a guided or self guided holiday or a corporate event, Trekking Hellas provides a wide selection of activities and programs. Member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association.
Geographical areas include:
Athens and around, Combined regions, Crete, Epirus, Halkidiki, Ionian Sea, Meteora, Mount Olympus, Peloponnese, Santorini, Saronic Gulf, and The Cyclades.
Activities provided include:
Art, Canoe-Kayak, Horse riding, Rafting, River Trekking, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Sea Kayaking,
Trekking, Walking Tours


Marble Sculpture Workshop in Tinos
The island of Tinos, is the home of many famous Greek marble sculpture artists. A beautiful island with amazing beaches and rugged mountainous beauty, traditional villages that despite tourism still retain their Cycladic style. We invite you to enrich your experience of your trip to Greece by joining a 3-day workshop (5 hours per day) on marble sculpture. In the oldest marble workshop of the picturesque island of Tinos, you will concentrate on bas relief carving and be able to complete a small relief carving in the three days with a great deal of assistance. Tools and marble will be provided and these carvers will receive a basic understanding of the medium of marble and marble carving techniques.
Day by day program:
Day 1: Travel from Athens to Tinos
Days 2-4: Attend a 5 hour – (10am – 2pm) workshop – rest of the day free
Day 5: Return to Athens or extend your stay in Tinos or another Cycladic island.


Activities such as Cooking Class in Athens, Santorini Wine Tasting, Athens Wine Tour, Cooking in Tinos & Arcadia, Food lovers walking tour of Athens


Rafting in Lousios River
In the heart of the Peloponnese has been created Arkadiani, a centre of Arkadian Greek cuisine. The centre has its own garden where most vegetables are being cultivated. It is like a small museum of Greek (Peloponnesian) Cuisine. Upon arrival you will meet the local women with whom you will start your cooking workshop. The menu will include different meals depending on the season (more typical is Greek salad, soup, a main course with meat, bread making, even desserts). After the preparation of the meal and whilst the food will be cooked you will have the chance to see the garden and workshop of Arkadiani, walk in the village and taste local wine. A happy end with a lovely meal prepared by you!

River trekking

River Trekking in the “Erymanthian boar’s gorge”
Today’s trek starts from the village of Panopoulo in the Peloponnese, only 41 km from the acrhaeological site of Ancient Olympia. From there we will trek in one of the most beautiful places in the Peloponnese, the Gorge of the Erymanthian boar. We will have the opportunity to discover a unique landscape that constantly changes: the river passes through the famous oak forest of Foloi, it then becomes narrow and disappears into caves and then reappears again. We will end todays trek near the village Karya. The river trekking lasts 5 hours and is considered as moderate. Previous experience is not necessary, just a relatively good physical condition.
Months of Operation: March – October
Available Dates: Any day upon request
Min. participants: 6 people

River Trekking in Neda Gorge
In the borders of Ilia and Mesinia lies Neda, the only river in Greece with female name. The crossing takes place in the most spectacular part of the gorge passing through stone bridges, narrow cliffs, underwater caves and impressive waterfalls. We will walk along the riverbanks and inside the river of Neda. At some parts the gorge is very narrow and we will have to swim. Total walking time is about 4 hours. The river trek ends in a place with natural river pools under a spectacular waterfall a real fun paradise for anyone wishing to swim.

Vikos Crossing
The Vikos Gorge, with a length of 20 km, walls that range from 450 m to 1,600 m deep, and a width from 400 m to some meters at its narrowest part, is listed by the Guiness Book of Records as the deepest canyon in the world in proportion to its width. This follows a somewhat arbitrary definition of a gorge that excludes deeper features such as Colca Canyon because of their greater width to depth ratio. The landscape of the 20 km long gorge, 12 km οf which belong to the Vikos – Aoos National Park’s core zοne, presents a diverse relief and is characterized by abrupt altitudinal changes. Steep slopes and precipitous rocky cliffs dominate in the middle and higher zones respectively. The gorge has been carved over millions of years by the Voidomatis River, a tributary of the Aoos.
Enjoy a fascinating trek in the most beautiful gorges of Europe. The crossing lasts between 5-7 hours, whilst we walk along the riverbanks and sometimes inside the crystal clear waters of Vikos.

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing in Meteora for beginners
The natural setting of Meteora has become a renowned international venue for rock climbing with routes of various degrees of difficulty. Trekking Hellas provides all necessary equipment and experienced rock-climbing guides for beginners and experienced rock climbers. A trek in a trail amongst the striking rocks of Meteora that was used by the monks in the past. We will visit 2 important monasteries the Varlaam and Megalo Meteoro. At the end enjoy a rappel of 20 m height at the rock of Dupiani.

Sea kayaking

Sea Kayaking Discovery South Santorini
An unforgettable experience on Santorini. Views of the spectacular rock formations, crystal waters, beautiful beaches in the south part of the island. En route we will stop at Kambia beach for snorkeling and a light picnic.
Duration: total time 5 hours – sea kayaking 4 hours
Distance: 7 miles
Departure time : 9,00 am – Arrival time: 14,00
Level : beginners
Age : from 14 and above
Requirements: swimming knowledge, basic physical condition,

Sea Kayaking in Lefkada
Join us for a unique sea kayaking experience in the crystal waters of the Ionian sea.
Visit the magical beach of Agiofili, snorkel and give yourself the chance to explore the aquatic world of the Kastri bay. Swim to the isolated beaches of Ammousa bay and you may also have the opportunity to see a group of dolphins (Delphinus-Delphis).


Trekking the Caldera Trail
An amazing experience on Santorini. A hike over-viewing the spectacular caldera, on the old path connecting the capital Fira with the famous for its sunset Oia. Along the way stop at panoramic view points pass by beautiful churches were you will enjoy a light pic – nic with local goods.
Duration: Hiking time 4 hours – total time 5 hours.
Distance: 9 Km
Departure time : 9,00 am – Arrival time: 14,00
Level : beginners
Age : from 12 and above
Requirements: basic physical condition

Trekking and rappel in Meteora
A trek in a trail amongst the striking rocks of Meteora that was used by the monks in the past. We will visit 2 important monasteries the Varlaam and Megalo Meteoro. At the end enjoy a rappel of 20 m height at the rock of Dupiani.

Trekking in central Peloponnese
The trek offers a beautiful combination of history with nature. We will walk amongst trails of dense vegetation going parallel and criss crossing the Lousios River. We visit monasteries that appear to be literally hanging from the cliffs and end the trek at the archaeological site of Ancient Gortys. This is one of the most stirring of all Greek sites as it is based along the rushing river known in ancient times as the Gortynios. A vehicle will take you back to the starting point.

Trekking in the National Park of Mt.Parnitha
Mt. Parnitha is the closest mountain to Athens, and the only National Park in Europe so close to a capital (40km). The National Park of Parnitha hides many secrets that few people know. So close to the city of Athens find refuge 42 mammals among them deers, foxes and many kinds of birds. There are numerous hiking trails in the mountain of varied difficulty that are suitable for every hiker.

Trekking in Samaria Gorge
Samaria gorge, Europe’s longest and certainly one of its most spectacular.
The gorge of Samaria is situated in the National park of Samaria, in the White Mountains in West Crete.
The park is supervised by the Department of Forestry and the gorge is generally open only from June to the end of October. In winter, high water makes the gorge dangerous and impassable. The descent begins on a good path in shady pine forest, dropping steeply and crossing the river before reaching the deserted village of Samaria. Soon the path is in the riverbed itself before we climb away again at the point where the (underground) river re-emerges. Now the path criss-crosses the river and leads out to the village of Agia (St.) Roumeli and the sea. After a swim and/or drinks, take the boat to Sfakia and transfer to Chania.
Difficulty: Moderate walk, 16 kilometres, between 5-6 hours
Terrain: The terrain is stony most of the time but it varies. At the beginning the path is paved with uneven stones, then at times it is more like a forest path with some earth. Once you reach the river bed you walk mainly on pebbles. You also have to cross the river many times on small wooden bridges but more often by stepping on rocks. These have been placed at strategic intervals but still require some sure-footedness.

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