Congress tourism

Congress tourism
Congress tourismCongresses and meetings in Athens
A unique combination of the old and the new, set up against a spectacular Mediterranean landscape; a world famous past; an exciting present: Ancient and brand new at the same time, Athens inspires and seduces its visitors, leaving its mark in their hearts and minds.
A city where hospitality, setting and character are guaranteed to take your breath away.
Stroll along the cobblestone, pedestrian-only path that encircles Europe’s largest Archaeological Park for a close up view of some of the world’s most significant ancient treasures including the Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus and Herodeus Atticus.
Delight your palate by indulging in the bouquet of dining options that make up the Athenian restaurant scene renaissance.
Innovation and achievement have ushered in a new era for the city, its citizens and its visitors. Mega-infrastructure improvements have made Athens a city that is easy to navigate.
Take the fast, clean and safe metro to discover the myriad of Athenian neighborhoods.
Sea farers, catch the new tram for a walk or a swim along the boardwalks and beaches of Palio Faliro, Alimo and Glyfada.
An award winning airport (Athens International Airport) that since its opening in 2001 has seen an annual growth of 7%, currently serving 80 international destinations. There are 30,000 rooms to suit all budgets and 95,000² of conference space to meet the requirements of the most demanding of events.

Congress tourism
The City to Share your Ideas
Some of humanity’s most exciting ideas were born in Athens and from here, they were shared with the world. This could be due to the fine weather. Or the inspiring scenery. Or, if you prefer the Athenian attitude towards life.
Whatever the reason, great ideas seem to have reached the most distant places when coming from this unique place of Europe. Enhanced by its state of the art venues and facilities, Athens today can meet the demands of any event and always deliver an impeccable result.
Bring your meeting to Athens.
Get inspired.
Share your ideas.

Conference Halls
With a wide selection of conference halls, Athens can cater for conferences of literally all sizes and topics. Their equipment and facilities are among the most modern in Europe and can meet the requirements of even the most demanding of presentations and shows.
Their location on the other hand, mostly in the city centre, allows delegates the rare opportunity of attending a conference while enjoying the city at the same time.

Congress tourismAccommodation
Athens offers a wide variety of luxury and mid-range accommodation establishments. Most hotels were upgraded or renovated for the 2004 Olympic Games or built after that, offering exceptional services coupled with the traditional Greek hospitality. Most of Athens’ luxurious hotels and international brands are located in the city centre, making it easy for guests to enjoy the rich culture and immerse themselves in the Athenian life. A short drive away, equally luxurious hotels await guests who prefer the mountain air or a room by the sea.

City profile
(Athens and the greater Athens region)
Number of rooms: 6,350 in 29 five stars hotels, 6,915 in 64 four stars hotels, 5,851 in 87 three stars hotels, 29,050 in 493 hotels in total.

A state-of-the-art metro system, wide avenues, an efficient public transportation system and a compact city center, all make moving around Athens easy and convenient.
The Athens transportation network now includes new buses, pollution-free trolleys, tram and a revamped electric railway system that connects to two metro lines. And that’s not all.
A new fleet of high-speed catamarans jets you off to nearby islands in an hour or less. Coach buses and trains take you to anywhere else in Greece you want to go.
Coming and going is easy too: the Athens International Airport serves 16,5 million passengers and over 200.000 flights every year from virtually all over the world. The Piraeus port, in short distance from the Athens city center, serves national and international sea lines. And the modern highways make driving to and from the city a pleasant experience.


After the Congress
World-class archaeological sites and modern architecture. Museums and art galleries. Ancient
and modern cultural venues. Gourmet restaurants and traditional taverns. Luxury brands and street markets. Mountains and sea. All these and more make up a unique city.
With a Mediterranean ambience and 300 days of sunshine every year, Athens holds treats for everyone: a long history, a rich cultural heritage, a vivacious night life, sandy beaches, diverse shopping districts, an immense variety of cuisines, nearby islands and famous archaeological sites, some twenty art and culture festivals all year round and probably more theatres than any other city in the world.

Useful Information
To accommodate the needs of the meetings industry the City of Athens established recently the Athens Convention Bureau (ACB). The ACB is a division of the Athens Tourism & Economic Development Company and offers a wide range of services to help all interested parties bring their meeting/event to Athens and the surrounding area.

Athens Convention Bureau
7 Xenofondos Str. 105 57 Athens, Greece. Tel: +30 210 3253123. Fax: +30 210 3216653.