Attica wineries

azThe total area of the Attica Vine yards is 65,385,000 sq. m. According to tradition, Attica is the place where retsina is produced, which is a savoury wine that is an excellent accompaniment to Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Nevertheless, Attica also produces other white and red wines of an excellent quality, such as the Greek Savattiano and Rhoditi varieties, which have demonstrated that they thrive in the Attica environment and which are presently cultivated in 80% of the Vine yards.Red wine varieties have also been cultivated with huge success that produces some of the currently best Greek red wine varieties.
The most significant wineries to visit are:

Evharis Estate: This is situated in an area of 400,000 sq. m at the foot of the Geraneion Mountains at an altitude of 380 – 400 m. The replanting of vines on the Estate commenced in 1988. The Evharis wines are Greek wines of a high quality that have been certified with HACCP and ISO and have also been certified by the «Integrated management system», namely the natural cultivation- protection of the environment and the production of consumer friendly products (Tel: +30 22960 90151,

A. Megapanos Wineries: You can visit the Winery daily further to negotiation. The visitor has the opportunity to visit the wine making areas, the bottling department, and the wine cellar with the barrels, the display and the chemical laboratory and to taste the wines. The capacity also exists for the provision of a simple meal for groups from 15 to 50 people or a formal meal in the specifically adapted dining room for 12 people. (Tel: +30 210-6038038,

Papachristou Cellar: The Papachristou family winery commenced in 1994 in order to meet the wine making needs of the privately owned vine yard at Paiania in Attica. It is a traditional stone built building that is open all year for the visitors that want to become familiar with and to taste the Papachristou family products (Tel: +30 210 6032510,

Fragou Estate: This is an impressive multi function area in the Spata region. In addition to the function rooms that are available for wine tasting and other activities, the visitor has the capacity for a guided tour in the specific area of a small winery plant (Tel: +30 210 6632087,

Anagnostou Wineries: They are situated at the foot of Mount Hymettus on an area of 100,000 sq. m, which surround the Patima region, two km north east of Koropi, which have been planted with the Savvatiano variety. It is an ultra modern winery (Tel: +30 210 6624242,

Papagiannakos Estate: The Papagiannakos Winery is situated at Mesogeia, in a region that has a rich viniculture tradition with tens of thousands of square metres of cared vines it has created in the region an ultra modern bio climatic winery to visit with pneumatic presses, stainless steel reservoirs and heat control of the fermentation process (Tel: +30 22990 25206,

Other wineries to visit are:
Markou Vine yards, (Tel: +30 210 6644711,
Allagiannis Wines, (Tel: +30 22990 25562,
Roxane Matsa – Boutari Estate, (Tel: +30 210 6659058,