North Greece wineries

This is the first region that was organized into a network of wineries to visit. There are currently 42 wineries to visit and one may savour their wines by following the mapped wine routes.
The wine routes in North Greece are:

The Wine Route of the Gods of Olympus

This comprises the natural southern boundary of the Wine Routes in North Greece. The route begins at Rapsany, at the foot of Mount Olympus. Its stops are at the Tsantalis winery in Rapsany, the Katsaros Estate at Krania and the Dougos Wineries at Itea Tempon.

Dougos Wineries: A traditional winery at Itea Tempon. There is a bright green garden with a view of Mount Kissavos and Ambelakia, with a 250 sq. m, underground cellar. (Tel: +30 24950 93112,

Tsantalis – Rapsany: on the slope of Mount Olympus, at an altitude that reaches up to 600 metres. The vine yards are still cultivated with the traditional techniques. The red wine varieties of Krasato, Stavroto and Xinomavro have a rare flavour. (Tel: +30 23990 76100,

Katsaros Estate: This is situated after Krania and extends into the acute relief on the slopes of Mount Olympus. In the winery there is a specific area where traditional objects of viniculture and wine making have been exhibited. (Tel: +30 24950 41666)

Epirus Wine Route

This commences from Ioannina and takes in the wine producing regions of Metsovos and Zitsa. The wineries to visit are:

Averof – Strofilia Cellar S.A.: Two wine makers that have combined their strengths, both in the production sector as well as in the area of wine tourism. The Averof Cellar was established in 1961, with the planting of the French Cabernet Sauvignon variety while Strofilia was established in 1981. The visit here is an unforgettable experience. (Tel: +30 26560 41010,

Zoinos S.A. – Epirus wineries Co-operative: The Zitsa region has produced wine since the 17th century. The wines that are produced are of the Debina variety. (Tel: +30 26580 22262)

Ginavos Estate: This is an architecturally impressive winery in Zitsa. (Tel: +30 26580 22212, www.

Limnes Wine Route

Amyntaion Association of Rural Co-operatives: For over half a century it has produced good wine. (Tel: +30 23860 22258, Amyntaion)

Alpha Estate: With just a decade of life, the winery has been developed and produces one of the most beloved Greek wines. (Tel: +30 23860 20111 & 20133-4,2nd km Amyntaion – Aghios Panteleimon Road, Amyntaion)

Vogiatzis Estate: At Velvento in Kozani, it produces selected wines, mainly of an organic cultivation. (Tel: +30 24640 32283)

Vegoritis Wineries S.A. – Ioannis Boutaris: This is situated at Aghios Panteleimon in Amyntaion. (Tel: +30 23860 61185 & 61120)

Magel Estate: The rural town above Kastoria Lake, at the town of Koromylia. This is a new established vine yard. (Tel: +30 24670 27220,

Pavlou Estate: This is situated at Aghios Panteleimon in Amyntaion. (Tel: +30 23860 61405,

Stergiou Estate: At the foot of Mount Vitsi, it is an organic cultivation. (Metamorphosis Kastoria, Tel: +30 24670 72508)

Naousa Wine Route

Here the well known Xinomavro wine variety is produced and there are wineries with a long history, a Wine and Vine yard museum, as well as interesting archaeological areas and traditional built up areas a short distance from the wineries to visit.
The most significant are:

Boutari Winery S.A. – Naousa Winery: The winery that has combined its presence with the significant developments in the Greek vine yard. It has operated since 1879 at Stenimacho in Imathia. (Tel: +30 23320 41666,

Dalamara Wineries: Since 1840 it has produced a good wine with the traditional methods at Naousa. (Tel: +30 23320 26054)

Kyr-Yianni S.A. – Naousa Winery: In the Ramnista region at Yiannakochori with a new generation of higher quality wines. (Tel: +30 23320 51100,

A.A.O.S. Vaeni Naousa: The Cooperative at Episkopi in Imathia (Tel: +30 23320 44274,

Argatia: At Rodochori, in the centre of the Naousa viniculture zone, it is a model organic agriculture vine yard with wines that have been certified by DIO. (Tel: +30 23320 51080)

Foundi Estate: At New Strantza. (Tel: +30 23320 48255,

Chrisohoou Estate: A short distance from Naousa at New Strantza. (Tel: +30 23320 48255,

Pella – Goumenissa Wine Route

Liga Estate: At Gianitsa with the local Xinomavro and Rhoditi varieties which have been exclusively organically cultivated. (Tel: +30 23820 24421)

Tatsi Estate: It has operated since 1924 at the town of Goumenissa, producing white and red wine. (Tel: +30 23430 41053)

Aidarini Wineries: At the town of Goumenissa, with an ultra modern winery that has been built next to the old stone cellars. (Tel: +30 23430 41293)

Thessaloniki Wine Route

A Winery plant of the Tsantalis family: The largest winery plant in the country since 1890. You can visit all of the areas with an informative guided tour that ends at the beautiful wine tasting tables. (Aghios Pavlos, 350 km Thessaloniki – Neon Moudanion, Tel: +30 23990-76100,

Gerovasileiou Estate: The Gerovasileiou vine yard extends onto the slopes of Mount Epanomi over 330,000 sq. m. It is here that in 1982 the unknown Malagouzia local variety until then was cultivated for the first time. An original Wine Museum has been established with an emphasis on tradition as well as new technology. (Epanomi, Tel: +30 23920 44567,

Anesti Babatzimopoulou Estate: On the slopes of Mount Vertsiskos at an altitude of 620 m, it is surrounded by oaks, chestnut and beech trees. (Tel: +30 2310 519 705,

Arvanitidis Wineries: At an altitude of 500 metres on the eastern slope of Mount Vertsiskos. (At Asko Sohou, Tel: +30 23950 61226,

Tavatidis Winery: An original winery at Lefkouda in the Arethousa Municipality. At the winery facilities specially constructed underground wine vaults have been included where the red wines age in oak barrels. (Tel: +30 23950 41530)

Kechri Estate: At Kalochori, (Tel:+30 2310 751283,

Kazaki Viniculture Firm: (1st km on the New Gonia – New Kallikrateia Road, Tel: +30 23990 20450,

The Chalcidice route

Porto Carras Vine yards: This is one of the three largest organic cultivation vine yards in Europe, with a total area of 8,500,000 sq. m, on Mount Meliton. 9 white and 13 red varieties are produced. The monopoly of the vine yard is the Limnio variety, which has been exclusively planted over 600,000 sq. m. The winery to visit was built in 1970. (New Marmaras, Tel: +30 23750 77000,

Papayianni Estate: It is situated at Arnaia. It is a pioneering winery with many surprises for the visitor such as the multimedia area, the wine bar in the natural surrounds and the display with local products. It is an organic cultivation vine yard with the Malagouzia, Asyrtiko, Merlot, etc varieties at the front of the winery and a wine cellar that resembles a Gothic cellar. (Tel: +30 232720 23120,

Tsantalis Vine yard: It is situated at Chromitsa of Aghion Oros (Mount Athos). Mr. Evangelos Tsantalis made a notable effort to revive the historic vine yard at Chromitsa of Aghion Oros, a monastery dependency of the Russian Monastery dedicated to Aghios Panteleimon in co-operation with the monks. The result of this co-operation is an exquisite vine yard. (Tel: +30 23990 76100,

Winery of the monk Epiphanios: It is situated at Mylopotamos. It is one of the youngest members of the Wine Producers’ Association of the Vine yards in North Greece (Venerable Cell of Aghios Eustathios, Tel: +30 23770 23744,

Wine Route of Dionysus

Biblia Chora: It is situated on the slopes of Mount Pangaios, at Kokkinochori in Kavala. It is an original vine yard of 150,000 sq. m. (Tel: +30 25920 44974,

Vourvoukeli Estate: It has had a tradition in wine making since the Byzantine period at Abdera in Xanthe. (Tel: +30 25410 51580,

Pavlidis Estate: It is situated at Kokkinogeia in Drama. (Tel: +30 25210 58300,

Maroneia S.A.: It has the Tsantalis family tradition at Maroneia in Rhodopi. (Tel: +30 25330 21503,