Wineries of Corinth

7412It is a journey that commences at the impressive mountain vine yards of Corinth and continues to Nemea from Asprokambos to the Ziria termination.
The Nemea vine yard is impressive with its expanse and its cohesion (over 20,000,000 sq. m. that are almost uniform). The local Agiorgitiko variety has played a leading role in the region.
The most significant wineries to visit are:

Skouras Estate: This was established in 1986 at Argos in Argolida. Ten years later it acquired its own vine yards and winery in the GYMNO region of Nemea while in 2004 commended the new, fully equipped plant with multiple wine applications at Malandreni. At the winery on the estate there is also a restaurant in addition to the sale of wines. (Tel: +30 27510 23688,

Papaioannou Vine yards: A & G PAPAIOANNOU G.P., VINICULTURE – WINE MAKING was established in 1984. The extent of the privately owned vine yard (650,000 sq. m) is situated at ANCIENT NEMEA and AT NEMEA (at an altitude of 400 metres). (Tel: +30 27460 23138,

Gaia Winery: The extent of the company’s privately owned vine yard in the Nemea region is 70,000 sq. m, which is situated at Koutsi, while there is another 100,000 sq. m of associate vine growers from where grape is sourced that is annually processed into wine at its winery, which was extended in 2005. (Tel: +30 210 805 5642-3, +30 27460 22057,

Palivos Estate: It is situated at Ancient Nemea. The PALIVOS ESTATE was established in 1995. The estate’s privately owned vine yard currently has an area of 308,000sq.m (on 180,000 sq. m the Agiorgitiki variety has been planted) and it is (Eurocap) certified. 100% of the estate’s wine is produced from grapes that have been cultivated on its privately owned vine yards. A wine selling outlet operates on the estate areas than one may visit, while further to negotiation there is also the capacity for dining by approximately 30 people. (Tel: +30 27460 24190,

Other the wineries to visit in the region are:
• Aivali Estate at Pronoia in Nafplion (Tel: +30 27520 21175)
• Gofa Estate at Koutsi and Daphne in Nemea (Tel: +30 27460 24281) Harlauti Estate at Ahladia in Nemea (Tel: +30 210 6219374, 27460 24197) Katogi and Strophilia at Asprokambos in Nemea (Tel: +30 210 6778244)
• Koronioti Wineries at Panorama in Argos (Tel: 27510 91359)
• Laphazanis Winery at Ancient Kleones in Nemea (Tel: +30 274603 1450) Laukiotis Winery at Ancient Kleones in Nemea (Tel: +30 27460 31000)
• Lantidi Estate at Xerokambo in Nemea (Tel: +30 274602 4056)
• Nikolaou Wineries – Distilleries at the Douramani Location in the Nemea valley (Tel: +30 27460 23005)
• Papandoni Wineries in Argos (Tel: +30 27510 23620)
• Raptis Wineries at Leontio in Nemea (Tel: +30 27460 61325) n Repanis Estate at Xerokambo in Nemea (Tel: +30 27460 20450)
• Zaharia Vine yards at the 1st km on the Nemea – Petriou Regional Road (Tel: +30 27460 22667)
• Semeli at Koutsi in Nemea (Tel: +30 27460 20360)