Wineries of Santorini

844Santorini is currently an organised wine tourism destination with wineries to visit and wine appreciation. The most significant wineries to visit are:

Gavalas Vine yard: The winery is situated at Megalochori and is one of the most graphic towns in Santorini. In the winery cellar there is a tour through a stone built tunnel that has been illuminated and adapted to narrate the history of the winery. (Tel: +30 22860 82552)

Gaia Winery: It is an old tomato processing plant situated at Outer Gonia that has been transformed into an impressive and modern winery. It is here that Mr. Yiannis Paraskevopoulos created a wine in 1994, the first Thalassiti variety. They also produce here sweet vinegar, exclusively from the Asyrtiko grape variety, which is aged in French oak barrels for at least five years. (Tel: +30 210 8055642)

Roussos Wine Cellar: This is the oldest wine cellar on Santorini.
The Roussos family winery has existed since 1836. In addition to the guided tour at the wine cellar there is also a wine tasting appreciation in the courtyard with the grape vine and a variety of local canapés (Tel: +30 22860 31349)

Andoniou Winery: It has been built on the caldera with a view of Athenio, the island’s port where it offers a guided tour through the production areas and wine ageing area, an area for conjectural functions and concerts, a traditional Greek coffee house with flavors from the olden days and a jewellery and wine appreciation area. (Tel: +30 22860-23557)

Argyrou Estate: It was established in 1903 by Mr. Georgios Argyros where the aged Vinsanto of 1987 that is produced on the estate is by far the best that is produced on (Tel: +30 22860 31489)

Sigala Estate: The winery was established in 1991. Since 1994 the company has been included in the organic agriculture program and associates with DIO, the certification authority (Tel: +30 22860 71644)

Koutsogiannopoulou Winery: The Winery, which is situated at Vothona, is an impressive museum in the undermined wine cellars where the history of wine and the Santorini vine grower from 1660 to the present day is presented (Tel: +30 22860 31322)

Boutari Santorini Winery: After Megalochori, on the road to Akrotiri, the winery is the only one on the island that remains open to also visit in winter. There is a guided tour in five languages and sample tastings of various varieties. The multiple display with the history of Santorini and the winery is very interesting (Tel: +30 22860 81011).