Flisvos Marina

LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. (LFM) was established in 2002 with the objective to redesign and rebuild the port and land infrastructure of Flisvos Marina during a 40-year concession agreement. An investment plan, estimated at approximately €50 million, has transformed Flisvos Marina into a stellar, world-class marina for yachts and mega-yachts in the Southeast Mediterranean.
Flisvos Marina’s commitment to providing a high quality standard of services was recognized worldwide with the awarding of 5 Gold Anchors, obtaining the highest rating at the Gold Anchor Award Scheme program of the British Marine Federation, the distinction “Clean Marina” (Clean Marinas Programme) from the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA), as well as the EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
Flisvos Marina is also awarded with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 in 2008, from Lloyd’s Register Group, making it Greece’s first and only marina to hold both certifications.
Boasting the blue seas of the Saronic Gulf as its backdrop, and only 6 km from the centre of Athens, in Paleo Faliro, Flisvos Marina is Greece’s first exclusive marina to offer large-scale mooring capacity for mega-yacht owners from Greece and abroad. The marina features approximately 303 berths, 50% of which accommodate pleasure yachts and luxury vessels with a length in excess of 35 meters. These extensive berthing capacities were recently complemented by additional land and high-end commercial properties and facilities enjoyed by yacht owners, Athenians, and visitors alike. The commercial complex, that stretches across an area of 3.800 sq.m., features a majestic Mediterranean esplanade lined with fine dining and shopping venues as well as a roster of special events during the calendar year.
LAMDA Flisvos Marina is jointly owned by LAMDA Flisvos Holding S.A. (77.23%) and the Tourism Development Co. S.A. (22.77%), a State-owned tourism property company. Principal shareholder of LAMDA Flisvos Holding is LAMDA Development S.A. (61%), Zerlan (30%), ALFA Ocean Developments (9%).

Flisvos Marina Key Facts
• Location: Flisvos, Paleo Faliro, Attica (Lat: 37ο56΄.18N Long: 023 ο40΄.8E)
• Developing Company: LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A.
• Investment value: €50 million
• Total number of berths: 303
• Land zone area: 90.228 sq.m.
• Number of stores: 34


Services – Facilities

New port and land infrastructure

Improvements to the port’s infrastructure
• The building of a new port entrance secured the safe entrance and exit of small and large boats, even during severe weather conditions. East direction and the completed North division of the outer port significantly contributed to the protection from the wave reflection, an annoying phenomenon for the moored yachts.
• The completion of 303 stern-to berths from 15m up to 70+m, and draught of 4.6m to 16m, 173 of which accommodate pleasure yachts and luxury vessels with a length in excess of 30 meters.
• The completion of the protective construction at the southern dock (windward), one of the most significant upgrades, ensuring complete yacht safety from strong sea waves resulting from severe south winds.

Enhancements/Development of the Surrounding Land Property
Following is a list of stores and offices that currently operate at Flisvos Marina:

Recreation / Restaurants
• Pier One of the Pentelikon group (A restaurant multiplex including the restaurants TGI Friday’s, Il Veliero and the bar-restaurant ΖΙΝC)
• Due Cavalieri
• Breeze café & drinks
• Breeze Pasta & Pizza
• Breeze Take Away
• Häagen Dazs
• Crema Martini
• Cruiser Exclusive Bar & Shop
• Mare Marina Restaurant
• Open kids playland “Volta Fun Park”
• Voltaki Snack
• Yogen Fruz
• Hamptons Cupcakes
• Ploto – Floating, Multifunctional Venue (Event services)

Clothing / Accessories Shops
Oltre Mare, Columbia, BillaBong, Perga Marine.

Yachting Companies
• PrivatSea Yachting
• A1 Yacht Trade Consortium
• Albatros
• Athens Yachts Ltd
• Spanopoulos Group S.A.
• Intercontinental International
• Elin Oil

Service-Oriented Shops
Breeze Books Press & Tobacco, ATM, LM Architects, Green Bionic, NANOTEK, Natura Viva.

• The renovation of Flisvos Marina’s park, an area of 20 acres, has been carried out by agriculturalists with careful environmental planning. Eight hundred (1.000) trees were planted.
• A control tower has been constructed in the north side of the marina in order to monitor safe yacht entry and exit as well as movement within the port.
• The Flisvos Port Police, located in the marina’s administration building, is responsible for Flisvos, as well as the Alimos and Delta Trokadero marinas.
• Two main parking areas, offering a capacity of 320-vehicles, have been developed and operate to accommodate visitors to the marina.

Improvements to the electromechanical infrastructure
The marina’s new electromechanical infrastructure has been built based on the most modern standards to sufficiently cover the needs of all port and land side facilities and properties in all yacht categories, including electricity, water, telephone lines, fire protection, sewage collection, etc.

Additional services
Administration service, Reception – Customer service – Information, Mooring for yachts from 10 to 90 meters, Arrival & departure line handling assistance, Technical support for port and land premises, Potable water supply, Electricity at each berth from 32 Amps to 450 Amps, Sewage station pump out service, Oil water separator, Fire detection and warning system, Phone connection at each berth (wireless), Wi Fi Internet, CCTV, Parking areas 320 for common use and 700 for yacht visitors, Recreational area / promenade, Public restrooms and showers, Fuel station, Commercial stores (fashion, giftshop, optical, bookstore, playland), Café-bars and Restaurants, Equipment supply and provisions, Yachting services, management and yachts technical support, Prestigious event management, Outsourced contractors for technical matters, diving services, maintenance, etc, Port Police and Customs office (1st Piraeus Customs Annex) on site, Fire fighting service boat 8 meters and 2 service boats, Security and patrol services 24 hrs, First aid station and paramedic equipment, Helicopter landing area.

• Immediate assistance with specialized multi-use tender (fire-fighting through sea, thrust, big boat towing)
• Trained personnel, experienced in handling emergency situations such as fire, severe weather conditions, vessel flooding, and sea pollution
• Security guard of the installation by compliance of strict regulation measures throughout the entire marina area
• Implementation of controlled vehicle entrance system with distinct parking areas for yacht owners and visitors
• Installation and operation of video surveillance circuit in the marina’s premises for security reasons (CCTV)
• Fire Detection and Warning System maintained in the main power station, in the electrical substations on the piers and in the Administration Offices.

Green policies

Environmental protection
• Daily cleaning of sea and land area with the help of a tender and an electrically-driven broom
• Electrical vehicles and bicycles for employees transportation
• Daily garbage collection and transport
• Complete waste handling with sewage station pump-out service, controlled storage and transport of used oil, lubricants and other hazardous waste
• Recycling program for solid waste, paper, glass and packing materials
• Systematic sea quality control from waters inside the marina in cooperation with University of Piraeus
• Systematic hygiene control (fumigation) of the port and land premises.

Green awards and accreditations

• Awarded with 5 Gold Anchors, obtaining the highest rating at the Gold Anchor Award Scheme program of the British Marine Federation, as well as the distinction “Clean Marina” (Clean Marinas Programme) from the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) after relevant evaluation.
• Certification with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 by Lloyd’s Register Group, for quality management and environmental policy.
• Awarded the “Blue Flag” since 2007.
• Corporate member of the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA).
• Awarded with the EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation after relevant valuation from the European Foundation for Quality Management.

Contact details

LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A.
17561 Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: +30 210 9871000-2, Fax: +30 210 9871060, Email: info@flisvosmarina.com
Website: www.flisvosmarina.com