Greek recipes by Diane Kochilas

Diane KochilasDiane Kochilas is a chef, host of Greece’s most popular TV cooking show, cookbook author and passionate Greek cuisine expert. Diane is a native New Yorker whose family hails from Ikaria island, renowned for the longevity of its inhabitants. Every summer she runs a cooking course and cultural immersion experience on the island. Diane communicates the best of Greece and Greek cooking to a global audience, through her nearly 20 books, videos and TV show, consulting and more. She is the collaborating chef at Molyvos Restaurant in NY and she works with Harvard, Yale and UMass Amherst, bringing healthy Greek dishes to college dining menus. She has devoted her life to promoting the natural, healthy and delicious foods of Greece. Her cooking philosophy is rooted in the tenets of the Greek diet: keep it simple, respect seasonality, use ingredients that have integrity and are easy to find, eat lots of greens and vegetables, share and… nothing in excess!

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