Attica is a historical region of Greece, containing Athens, the capital of Greece. The historical region is centered on the Attic peninsula, which projects into the Aegean Sea. There is a modern administrative region of Greece, Attica Periphery, which is more extensive than the historical region, and includes several islands, and part of the Peloponnese.
Attica is naturally divided to the north from Boeotia by the 16 km long Kithairon mountain range. To the west it is bordered by the sea and canal of Corinth. The Saronic Gulf lies to the south and the island of Euboea lies off the north and eastern coasts. Mountains separate the peninsula into the plains of Pedias, Mesogaia, and Thriasion. The mountains include Hymettus, the eastern portion of the Geraneia, Parnitha, Aigaleo and the Penteli mountains. Four mountains, Aigaleo, Parnitha, Penteli and Hymettus (clockwise from the southwest) delineate the hilly plain on which the Athens-Piraeus metroplex now spreads. The plain of Mesogaía, nowadays called Mesógeia, lies to the east of Mount Hymettus and is bound to the north by the foothills of Mount Penteli, to the east by the Euboean Gulf and Mount Myrrhinous (modern Merenta), and to the south by the mountains of Laurium (modern Lavrio). Athens’ water reservoir, Lake Marathon, is an artificial lake created by damming in 1920. Pine and fir forests cover the area around Parnitha. Hymettus, Penteli, Myrrhinous and Laurium are forested with pine trees, whereas the rest are covered by bushery.
The Cephisus River is the longest river and Parnetha or Parnitha is the highest mountain in Attica. The prefecture also has parklands in the Hymettus, Penteli and the Parnitha mountains and the southern part of the peninsula.
According to Plato, Attica’s ancient boundaries were fixed by the Isthmus, and in the direction of the continent they extended as far as the heights of Cithaeron and Parnes. The boundary line came down in the direction of the sea, having the district of Oropus on the right, and with the river Asopus as the limit on the left.

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