Rhodes beaches

Ladiko beach
Small bay beautiful small beach.
Just a tiny cove but with everythink you could possiply want. Fine sand ,small rocks,sun beds, umbrellas, water showers and a fish Greek Taverna. Very popular with Italians and Greeks especialy in August when it comes very crowed. In recent years actually ,the sun beds have spread over to the opposite shore with rocks ,ideal for those looking for some peace and quiet.
Ladiko bay located 15 km from Rhodes town and just 3 km from Faliraki

Tsampika Beach
Tsambika monastery, close to the village of Archangelos.
Tsampika beach, a lovely, very popular, long sandy bay, above which is a monastery dedicated to Our Lady. The beach is in 1,5 km distance to the main road. There is one restaurant, some cantinas and several water sports, to choose of. Tsambika bay shelves gently, and like all the beaches mentioned here, it has been rewarded the conveted Blue flag award. The road to Tsambika monastery turns off the main road. some meters before the road to the beach. The road leads half of the way up on the hill. A tiny, Byzantine church, dedicated to Our Lady.
It’s perched high at 300 m with commanding coastal views, both north over Kolymbia and south over Tsambika beach until Lindos, which makes it worth, to climb up. The legend is, that any woman, who has problems, having children should go up there (barefoot), to pray to the Virgin, she will be blessed with children.Water sports are available at the centre.
Apart from these, and a mini-market next to the bus station ,there is absolutely nothing else here-nothing except crowds of people of all ages and nationalities, who come to swim in the emerald crystal- clear water and admire the imposing rock with the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsampika, from which the beach has taken its name.

Prasonisi beach
A huge expanse of golden sand, stretches for about half a mile before it narrows into a spit that links the mainland with Prasonissi island. Incredibly, to the left is the Mediterranean, gently washing up onto the sandy spit and 10 meters away, opposite the Med, to the right, is the Aegean, thundering ashore courtesy of the Meltemi that has been gathering strength for several hundred miles.
Actually an island, Prasonissi is connected to Rhodes by a 1000 meter long sand bank. This sand bank makes it unique. Depending on wind direction, one side of the bank will have a rough sea and the other side of the bank will have a calm and secluded sea. The sand beach on either side of the sandy stretch offers you an ideal place to rest. Prasonissi in Rhodes Greece is an ideal vacation spot.
Prasonissi beach in Rhodes Greece is also known as the Surfers’ Paradise. This green promontory stretching at the tip of Rhodes attracts the windsurfers because of its 1-4 meters high waves and a constant soothing breeze. Surfboats and wetsuits are there for hiring. However, most of the enthusiasts come with there own equipments. After a full tiring day of surfing, you can relax on the sandy beach which gives a picturesque view of the sea with towering waves breaking on the shore. Grilled fish freshly captured from the sea acts as a delicacy to serve your appetite. Whatever age group you are from Prasonissi beach, Rhodes, Greece is surely one place you can not miss while traveling to Greece.
To reach Prasonisi you will have to drive all the way to the most south part of the island. Just after Katavia, turn left (there are signs to guide you) and after a few kilometers more driving, and from the top of a hill, Prasonisi comes into sight: waves to the right, calm sea and shelter from the wind to the left – and surfers everywhere!
It is one of the most impressive beaches on the island. Two sandy coves ending in an island that you can reach on foot or by swimming, depending on the weather and the level of the water. This is a paradise for surfers, especially in July and August. There are surfboards and wetsuits for hire. It is well worth a visit even if you are not a surfer yourself, just to enjoy the magnificent landscape and admire the skill of the surfers. All the houses offering rented rooms also operate their own taverna.

Lardos Beach
The beautiful sandy beaches of Lardos, winner of the European Blue Flag Small Pebble & Sandy Beach Award, are known as some of the best beaches on the island. Crystal clear waters, and gently rolling surf make for an idyllic atmosphere for fun in the sun, or relaxing on the many sun beds under the shade of an umbrella. Also, there are many Tavernas along the beach where you can get a chilled drink or a quick snack while you soak up the sun. Alternatively, there are a wide range of water sports to choose from, and even a go-kart track for fast, but safe, fun for the whole family.
The nice sandy beach of Lardos is situated at a distance of some 3 kilometers southern to the homonymous village, 7 kilometers southwestern to Lindos and 57 kilometers far from the town of Rhodes at the South.
Being close enough to Lindos and the village of Lardos, there are several alternatives for accommodation, food and drink, shopping and amusement, both in the two settlements and in the area around. The beach itself has several taverns and cafés at the sea front, where you will enjoy a refreshment and good food, mainly fresh fish.
The beach is pretty well organized and offers facilities for swimming, sunbathing (sun beds, umbrellas) and for sea sports. You will enjoy the sea and the sun very much and kids will certainly have fun in the go-kart circuit, available at the beach.
If you are tired of the sea and the sun, or if you feel like taking a drive in the area around, you have many things to see. Apart from Lindos, it is worth visiting the village of Lardos. Once at the central square of the village, take your time and enjoy a Greek coffee with a glass of cool water (the Greek way of serving coffee!), or have a glass of ouzo and chat with the friendly locals, particularly the older ones, who will tell you old stories about their village, whereas at the neighboring table a couple of friends will probably play backgammon, in the characteristic noisy way of the Greeks. And if you feel like having lunch, just choose one of the taverns of the square; all of them offer local dishes and a variety of Greek or European cooking. Finally, if you are in Lardos in the evening, it is possible to listen to a local band playing traditional music, which may result in a nice feast, with dance and abundant wine.

Pefkos Beach
The tranquil village of Pefkos lies just 3 kilometres south of the bustling resort of Lindos on the island of Rhodes and only 45 minutes from the Rhodes International Airport. There are frequent flights to Rhodes from the UK and from most major European countries.
There are some excellent restaurants and bars to be found in Pefkos and the celebrated nightlife of Lindos is only a short taxi ride away.
There you can find numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs catering for every type of taste.

Afandou Beach
Afandou, on the island of Rhodes in Greece, is a village lying 2km (1.25 miles) inland from the coast. In Greek, ‘afanto’ means ‘invisible’, and in the past it was strategically placed so that marauding pirates could not see it from the sea. Today it is a bustling, workaday Greek village with a permanent local population of 7,500, offering a good selection of bars, taverns, restaurants and supermarkets. Since the 1980s it has also turned into a popular holiday resort, thanks to its impressive 4km (2.5 mile) stretch of beach. Through high season, a miniature train makes regular runs from Afandou’s main square, shunting visitors 2km (1.25 miles) between the village and the beach, and using a flyover to pass over the busy main road. For many visitors, Afandou’s main draw is its 18-hole golf course, overlooking the sea.
The town square is full of life with its modern cafe-bars and all kinds of shops.
Taxis, busses and the local little train pictured here, are all passing through the town square.
Under the guidance of their mayor, the town has undergone a facelift and managed to become one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Rhodes.
There are plenty of Hotels and Apartment houses and accommodation would not be a problem at all.

Anthony Quinn bay
The small bay of Anthony Quinn with crystal clear waters and rocky surroundings is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Rhodes.
The beach is know today by the actor’s name, since filming the Guns Of Navarone here
The original name is “VAGIES BAY”.
There is a jetty for small craft to moor, while many sailing boats drop anchor a little farther out, beyond the swimmers.
On the top of the bay there is also a small taverna to enjoy your ouzo, the Greek feta and Mezes.
The bay of Anthony Quinn located 3 km from Faliraki Beach and 15 klm from the town of Rhodes.

Stegna Beach
On the east coast of Rhodes Island.
Stegna is situated approx. 32 kms from Rhodes Town on the east coast. It is a beautiful resort, tucked between mountains and a gorgeous stretch of beach found at the end of the winding road passing sheep, almond and lemon groves.
The beach is located just 500 meters along the road from Archangelos, and is the ideal bathing place for the local villagers. These make up most of the bathers on the beach, along with the visitors staying at the hotel. An ideal location for those seeking relaxation. Sand and pebbles, a kiosk, water sports, a few tavernas and rooms for rent.
Stegna has an absolutely unspoiled Greek village atmosphere, where the pace of life is slow and relaxed. The beach is mainly sandy; however you can find pebbles or shingle in places. Water sports are available and you can find some traditional restaurants and friendly tavernas situated by the beach. Sun beds are available for hire.

Vlicha beach
Vliha beach can be found about 3Km north of Lindos. It is a long and wide beach lined with large pebbles and parasols. The beach is dominated by two large hotels, one built right on the south end of the beach, and the other one a little further up the hill.
As Vlicha is very close to Lindos, you have at your disposal all the facilities available in the settlement. The beach itself, although sufficiently organized in swimming, sunbathing (umbrellas, sun beds) and sea sport facilities, has only two small cantinas for a light meal and refreshments, use of lavatory and card phones.
The beach is sandy with crystal clear blue sea that deepens smoothly, which makes its suitable for families with small children and for elderly people. The beach is much less noisy than the central beach of Lindos; for this reasons it is the favorite beach of families and of people who like to have more space at the beach.

Kalithea beach
This is the beach where the Elite of Rhodos society likes to gather every day.
The attraction is partly the short distance from Rhodes town, partly the glamour of the magnificent baths built here by the Italians.
This is the favorite beach for the local people, looking for a quick swim. You shouldn’t confuse it however with the small bay below the Kallithea baths, which is full of visitors who come in little boats from RHODES and Faliraki, admire the amazing facilities of the Baths, currently under renovation, with their mosaics and palm trees.

Nudist Beach
The only Nudist beach in Rhodes. Located next to Kathara Beach in Faliraki. One of the quietest beaches of Faliraki is the Nudist Beach. Located Between the beaches of Kathara and Anthony Quinn
It’s very famous to the nudist bathers, and is the only nudist beach of the island of Rhodes. It’s organized beach with beach chairs and umbrellas. There is also a small Beach taverna.

Traganou Beach
15 Km from Rhodes town. One km from the Golf Beach. 3 km from Faliraki, 35 km from Lindos.
Crystal clear waters. The sea enters the impressive rock caves. Traganou beach is located 15km from the town of Rhodes and only 1km from the Golf of Afantou.
A small part of Traganou Beach is organized with umbrella and sun beds.
Relax and swim in Traganou beach. A beach with mostly small pebbles.
There is also a small fish taverna opening during the day.
When you drive from Rhodes to Lindos pass Faliraki, after 3 KM and opposite from the second Petrol station, to your left is the way to Traganou beach.