Corfu beaches

Beautiful and countless beaches for those who love cosmopolitan life, watersports and calm vacations. Many Corfu beaches are awarded by the European Authorities for their quality.The east coast, within the protective zone of the continental coasts, provides calm water for swimming, a rich seabed for exploration and has fairly easy access from the town. The norteast side is famous for its clear water, its multicolor pebbles for collecion and its steep dephth.
The southeast side is ideal for vacations with children. It has shallow waters, sand beaches with shade, taverns by the sea and The road comes up to the beach.
The west and south coast of the island are characterized by endless golden beaches and shallow blue and green waters. Some are much frequented and other are not.
The northwest side has large sand beaches, like St George, but also steep cliffs, like the rocks of Paleokastritsa, which are ideal for exploration.

Agios Gordis
A large beach with golden sand and crystal, cold water, in the tourist area bearing the same name. One of the prettier beaches in Corfy surrounded by rock formations and “secret” isolated beaches. Ideal destination for vacation with children. It is organized and within 20 km from the capital town.

It is near Corfy town and that’s why it’ s very famous. It has sand and small pebbles and is very well organized with docks, watersports facilities and boat renting. In the surrounding area there are restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. It is said that in this pebble beach the German emperor Wilhelm II used to swim. Just before the village, you should visit the bridge built by him at the beginning of the 20th century.

One of the most famous beaches of the Corfu island and one of the first tourist developed. It is protected from the wind, has warm water and a sandy beach ideal for families. You may find here luxury hotels, camping sites, beach bars, taverns and all kinds of facilities. It is 13 km from Corfu towm and you can come here also by the public bus.

Sandy beach with deep waters and small pebbles in a bay among vegetated rock formations, 15 km from the town. Here there are diving schools. You may also find beaches “only for you” between the rocks.

One of the best beaches in the island, perfectly organized with crystal shallow waters, 16 km from Corfu town. You may find here bars, restaurants, cafes and it is ideal for watersports. You should swim here in the afternoon, during the sunset.

It is in the northeast sside of the island, 8 km from the towm. It has small pebbles and sand and really cold water. It is organized, with a beach bar and water sports facilities.

A long and narrow beach by the main road leading to the northeast side. It has great night life and is almost 9 km from the airport. An ideal destination for young people.

One of the most developed tourist resorts in the island due to its small distance from the town and the marina of Gouvia. Its pebble beach is fully organized. It is named after a corfiot warrior in the battle of Nafpaktos, Kontokalis. In recognition of his services the Venician administration gave gim a big area and named a village after him.

A small, sand beach with crystall water at the foot of a hill, with olive trees and pine trees reaching up to the sea. It has regular visitors from all over Europe who claim it’s the prettiest beach in Europe. It is about 15 km west of Corfu town, next to famous and crowded beaches like Glyfada beach.

The smallest beach in west Corfu where you may go while heading for Pelekas or Sinarades. It has thin sand while the rock covering it provides natural shade. Look out for the sea currents.

The large sandy Acharavi beach with its green and blue waters is organized and has cafes and restaurants. It is at the northwest side of the island, 36 km from the town.

Agios Georgios
In northwest Corfu, one of the prettier beaches. Quiet and fairly isolated with golden sand and shallow water. The small village stretches around the bay and provides wonderful view. In a small distance you may find the villages Afionas, Prinilas, Agros and Kastalani which their special architecture.

Agios Spyridon
A sandy and quiet beach with calm, crystall water, ideal for children. It is on the border of northern and northeast coast, near the preserved water habitat of lake Antinioti between the resorts of Kassiopi and Acharavi. It is named after the unique church of St. Spiridon. Nearby there is the St Catherine’s monastery of 1713. Inside the church you may see wonderfull frescos from the 18th and 19th century. On the beach you may find some picturesque taberns.

Agios Stefanos Avlioton
An organized beach, but quiet, with thin sand and small isolated beaches, The best hour for swimming is during the sunset. The small port of St. Stefanos fishvillage is the nearest point between Corfu and the near small islands (Othoni, Erikoussa, Mathraki). Here you may find regular transportation to take you there.

It is the first part of an endless 7 km sandy beach. It is a fairly quiet place with sandhills, shallow water and picturesque taverns. It is bordering with St. Spiridon beach and the preserved water habitat of lake Antinioti.

The beach (also known as Kalamaki) is in the picturesque, small and quiet village with the same name in nortwest Corfu, near the cosmopolital Kassiopi (3.5 km) and Arachavi (4.5 km). It’s an endless beach with crystall, very shallow water and white sand and it is organized. Nearby in other beaches you may find boats for excursions. An ideal choice for those seeking peace and quiet.

The northmost beach of west Corfu, 40 km from the town, has sand and shallow water. It is ideal for water sports lovers (water ski, windsurfing, etc), while you may also enjoy hiking and horseriding. Right accross the beach you may see the uninhabited small island Diaplos. By boat you may visit the inhabited or uninhabited islands (Gravia, Diaplos, Mathraki, Othoni).

Paved with gravel and pebbles (ideal for collectors) it is in a bay formed by the low hills of northeast Corfu. A wonderful beach with cear water and peaceful surroundings, ideal for those seeking a less cosmopolitan place to swim or boat tours and diving. You may find here taverns and rooms to let. During the summer, on Sundays, you may find here a lot of locals come who prefer it for its clear water.

A pebble beach with green and blue waters. It has umpbrellas and deck chairs to let. It is at the northeast side of the island, 20 km north of Corfu town, near Pirgi.

Canal d’ amour
The famous Canal d’ amour is on the left side of Sidari beach. It is a tunnel, a passage between a rock in an area with impressive gravel formations, small bays and caves with warm water. The myth claims that if you swim there you’ll find the love of you life at the other side. We haven’t tried it, but one thing is certain. The channel formed by the smooth rock, which looks loke a tunnel, will charm you. Next to it there is a smal magnificent beach while near by there are the larger beaches as well as the shopping center of Sidari.

Drastis cape is 38 km from Corfu town. To came here you must descend 1.5 km of difficult dirdroal (only if you have a 4χ4). Otherwise you may visit this enchanting beach by boat. If you come by car, along the way, you may see the famous rocks of Sidari. The surrounding rocks are smooth and the water is crystal clear. An ideal choice for excellent swimmers and those who love dives.

In the northeast side of the island, in the shadow of Mt Pantokratoras, is the setting of the small pebble beach which is not much advirtised and thus it hasn’t got a lot of visitors.

One of the prettier beaches of Corfu, quiet, with pebbles. It combines clean sea, great green colour with the tree branches touching the sea, picturesque bays, high standard services and a cosmopolitan environment, but without big tourist facilites.

A beautiful beach with crystall water. It has sand and pebbles. It’ s near Paleokastritsa, at the northwest of the island.

A narrow, sandy and peaceful beach, “hidden” under Peroulades village and steep high boulders. Some also call it “Sunset beach” for its spectacular view duting the sunset. It is usually prefered by locals or tourists staying at Sidari who want to avoid the crowd. It is 38 km from Corfu town and you may come here via Peroulades village, after Sidari.

A huge beach with pebbles, tourist facilities and the navigable Messongi river flowing into its water. From its port everyday there are boats for Sivota, Paxi and Antipaxi. It is one of the first developed resorts in Corfu.

An organozed pebble beach. Boats may take you to beaches with no car access or offer you an excursion to the near island, Paxi, or the historic town Vouthrotos in Albania.

One of the most famous beaches of the island. It has sand and is distignuish by its cold, crystal clear water. It is organized. At its six natural bays you will surely find a beach that suits you. Know that in many small beaches you may only go by sea or on foot.

One of the sandy beaches on the shore that stretches up to St Spiridon beach, with clean and peaceful water. Archaeological findings from the roman mansion show that this was an ideal palce for vacations since the Roman Era.

It is at the village with the same name, a tourist resort northwest of Corfu town. A large sandy beach with marveloys peaceful, shallow water. It also has a waterpark. You may catch here a boat for the near Islands.

Agia Varvara (Maltas)
A sandy beach in the southwest coast, ideal for young swimmers because it has shallow water. It is the continuance of Marathia beach.

A sandy beady at the north side of the island, at Akoudilas cape. You may go there from Dragotina and Spartera. You’ ll find it after walking through the forest of Arkoudilas.

An organized sandy beach, ideal for water sports and diving since it has a diving center. Nearby you may find restaurants and beach bars.

An beautiful and isolated beach with thin sand and reeds. It is situated in southern Corfu, near Perivoli and Vitalades.

Chalikounas is situated in lake Korission and is seperated from the sea by a thin stretch of sand, the famous beace with the same name. Colorful kites (belonging to kitedsurfing lovers) fill the golden sand. You may find everything you need at the near by village St. Mattheos (5 km).

An endless sandy beach with clear water, ideal for children. A beach you shouldn’t miss especially during sunset. The area with a backdrop of unique mediterranean sandhills, the cedar forest and the lake Korission is an natural reserve. It is 35 km south of Corfu town and its airport.

A unique, organized and crowded long beach, with sand and clean shallow waters, ideal for children. It is fully organised with umbrellas and deck chairs and has a big variety of taverns and snack bars. Near the beach you may find hotels and other lodgings.

The 5 km of sandy beach assure that you will find a spot to swim away from the crowd even in August.

A sandy beach in the village with the same name engulfed in the silvergreen color of the olive trees. It is at the southeast of the islend, 9 km from Corfu town.

32 Blue Flag Beaches:
Kommeno, Kontokali, Alykes Potamou, Barbati, Ypsos, Dasia, Kalamionas, Kerassia, Avlaki, Nisaki/Krouzeri, Gimari, Peritheia/Ag.Spyridonas, Almyros, Apraos Kalamaki, Roda, Canal d’Amour, Agios Stefanos, Arillas, Astrakeri, Sidari, Agios Georgios, Palaiokastritsa, Ermones, Glyfada, Kontogialos, Agios Mattheos, Ag. Ioannis Peristeron, Issos, Agios Georgios, Marathias, Benitses, Agios Gordios.