Zakynthos beaches

St. Nicolas of Volimes
Sandy beach at the picturesque port with the same name. Here there is a ferry service to Kefalonia and boats going to the Blue Caves. Besides St Nicolas beach, in the area you may also find other beaches if you search a little through the small trails leading to the rocks. Right across there is the small uninhabited St. Nicolas island. It’s at the north part of the island, 30 km from Zakynthos town.

Alikes – Alikanas
Alikes and Alikanas beaches are connected by a sandy beach (almost 3 km). Alikes beach is ideal for all swimmers and safe for children since the sea deepens smoothly for a long distance. Alikanas is a place surrounded by olive grooves where you may find many bars, taverns and restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

Makris Gialos
A beach with thin pebbles. It’ s organized with umbrellas and deck chairs and has an easy access from Zakynthos town. It is at the northeast of the island.

An eerie, unique, impressive beach with thin pebbles at the northwest of the island. It’s well-known worldwide for its water, the incomparable scenery of cliffs that take a golden colour and for its famous shipwreck. It is without exaggeration the most photographed beach in the Mediterranean. You may get there only with speedboats from St. Nicolas or Porto Vromi, but also with boats that tour the island and stop there.

The characteristic strong smell of sulphur spread in the small bay with the steep rocks doesn’t destroy the conjectural result. At the top of the beach hill there is a tavern with panoramic view. It provides some umbrellas and deck chairs. It is at the northeast of the island and you will come across it just before entering Volimes village.

Porto Vromi
A fiord of unheard beauty and a 20 m beach with thin pebbles, a sea with turquoise water which is usually cold because water jets out of the ground. It is at the northwest of the island.

St. Nicolas
An organized beach, ideal for water sports like surfing, banana surfing and jet skiing. It also has a beach bar. It’s situated at southeast Zakynthos.

An organized, cosmopolitan beach with shallow water, sand and pebbles. It is aoristically developed due to its small distance from Zakynthos town. It’s only 4-5 km from Zakynthos town, while you may get there on foot via the coastal road (1km).

Maybe the prettiest beach of the island. Exotic with sand dunes, canteens along its shore playing rock and ethnic music, food and drinks. It has very shallow water. “Banana” with its water sports club is part of it while “Golden Bay” with its two strange sculptures of Poseidon and a mermaid rests at the top of two boulders.

An eerie beach with black sand frequented by nudists. It ends at two steep, big boulders hanging vertically over the sand creating a small cave. You may find there fresh spring water. It’s at Kalamaki, at the south part of Zakynthos.

The east side of Laganas Bay is famous for its special geological formations (huge steep boulders) named “glines” which are the only geological monument of the area. They are at the end of the cape, were formed during the Pliocene and were covered by sand rocks. Its beach is 600 m long. It worths taking a dive during the sunset, when the colours of the sun taint the rocks red. The beach is preserved, because is one of those where Caretta Caretta sea turtle lays its eggs. That’s why it has no buildings. It’s considered the calmest in Laganas bay. It’s 18 km from Zakynthos town.

Sandy beach with four taverns, canteens, deck chairs and wicker umbrellas. It’s the second more important egg-laying beach for Caretta Caretta sea turtle. It is 850 m long and is bordering with Sekania beach, which is totally protected (entry is not allowed) because it’s the nucleus of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

An endless sandy beach with a lot of crowd. It stretches for 3.5 km and is the biggest egg-laying beach in Laganas bay.

Laganas is at the south side of Zakynthos and is the major tourist and most known destination in Zakynthos. Its bay is a place of special beauty, with small hills at its west side whose number increases in the mountains with fruit baring trees and olive groves.
Laganas sandy beach, 5 km long, is pretty narrow and descends until it reaches the crystal clear sea water. Water sports are limited because in this beach Caretta Caretta sea turtle lays its eggs. It’s not recommended if calm vacations are what you seek. It’s the paradise of young people from all over the world, because of its live night life and it provides may rooms to let and hotels.

Keri lake
The area was named after the big lake that once stood there which is now dried up. It has a beautiful pebble beach. At one end a small port is formed, from where boats set of to the Blue Caves and Marathonisi. In Keri Lake you’ll find may fish taverns where you may eat fresh fish and seafood delicacies. The beach offers an enchanting view to Laganas bay and to the uninhabited Marathonisi. Keri Lake is at the southwest cost of the island, almost 15 km from Zakynthos town. Keri is ideal for those seeking a calm and quiet place for their vacations.

Two sandy beaches where you may go by boat from Porto Koukla and Keri Lake. There are no facilities there. After the sunset the island remains calm because spending the night there is not allowed. Here there is also an egg-laying beach located at the northeast coast of the island, stretching for 150 m.

Porto Zoro
A special beach with two characteristic boulders in the sea water. The water isn’t as shallow as in the other beaches of the east coast. Preferred by young people because it provides a nice hang out providing coffee and food. It has loud rock or electronic music and holds parties ending at the dawn of the next day.

Porto Limnionas
An enchanting fiord with deep, clear water and small moorings. The beach has no sand but many big rocks. The water has deep blue colour and is very clean. Ideal for those who love diving.
The famous tavern is 30 m away and offers fresh fish and other delicacies.The beach is next to St Leon village, in a virgin area, and it’s easily accessible by car. It’s situated at the northwest of the island, 25 km from Zakynthos town.

Porto Roxa
An unforgettable sunset, memorable plunges, an incomparable bay, unique wild scenery created by “loubes”, the holes in the vertical cliffs when salt is accumulated. It is at the southwest of the island.

Porto Roma
At the end of Vasilikos, you may find the small, sandy Porto Roma beach, with some taverns serving traditional Zakynthian dishes. It combines sea and mountain.

A clean, sandy beach in eastern Zakynthos, safe for children since it’s shallow for a great length. Here you may practice water sports like water skiing, windsurfing, banana surfing, jet skiing, paragliding and many others.

Marathias peninsula
Isolated at the west side of Laganas bay with beautiful country houses, olive grooves and small, isolated beaches 10-20 m. long. During the summer they are crowded because in Zakynthos it’s difficult to find a quiet place. It is also an egg-laying beach for the rare Caretta Caretta sea turtle.