Limnos is a volcanic island with not much vegetation and a tortuous shoreline but excellent uncrowded beaches. Its fiery past is attested to in Greek mythology, which places Limnos as the location of the forge of the god Hephaistos who fashioned Achilleus’s great shield. (But when the Limnian women offended his wife Aphrodite, the goddess of love, she afflicted them with bad breath so as to make them undesirable in bed.)
In more recent times Limnos was an important Allied naval base that supported the ill-fated invasion of the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915.
Myrina, the main port town, is dominated by a Genoese castle on a great rock in which the outlines of a pre-Greek settlement are still visible. The archaeological museum contains a rich collection of prehistoric artefacts unearthed by Italian archaeologists, dating back to about 3,500BC.


Crowded, hip – Limnos Village
In front of the Limnos Village resort hotel
A sandy beach, shared with the guests of the Limnos Village resort hotel, featuring umbrellas and sunbeds as well as a variety of water sports.

City beach – Myrina
Located in the center of town just steps from the quay.
The sandy beach at Myrina features a few umbrellas, and crystal clear waters.

Quiet, hip – Nevatis
About 12 km from Myrina, past Thanos.
A wonderful long sandy beach that almost never gets crowded, right under the coast road.

Quiet, mixed – Platys
In the area of Platis, adjacent to Lemnos Village Resort.
A wide sandy beach, with a number of facilities, favored mostly by families.

3 Blue Flag Beaches:
Evgatis/ Zematas, Romeikos Gialos, Platy.

The Highlights
The Archaeological Museum.
The archeological site of Poliochne.
The Nautical Tradition Museum.
The British Commonwealth war cemetary.

Festivities & Local Traditions
The “gourounopazaro” (pig market) comes to life on May 21st at Limnos.

We Recommend
Spending time at Platy, Thanos and Nevgatis beaches.
Windsurfing at Ormos Keros beach.

Useful Info
Limnos Police Tel. 0030 22540 22200
Mirina Port Authorities Tel. 0030 22540 22225
Limnos Airport Tel. 0030 22540 92700
Limnos Bus Service Tel. 0030 22540 22464
Limnos Hospital Tel. 0030 22540 22222