PsaraThis island entered history with a bang in 1821, when it nailed its colours to the mast of revolt against Ottoman rule. As the third biggest maritime power of the Greeks at that time, it had the ships and men to help the revolt in many ways. Psara was the birthplace of several naval heroes, including the notorious fireboat men who blew up a number of Turkish ships. In revenge, the Turks razed the island’s dwellings to the ground on 22 June 1824. Every year on that date the few people living on Psara commemorate that holocaust. Today however, Psara has become a popular holiday destination in the East Aegean, and is a perfect place to enjoy peaceful and relaxing summer holidays. The island is one of immense beauty, and the picturesque landscapes create a very tranquil feel to the island/
Visitors to Psara will find a lovely selection of accommodation at various traditional hotels, as well at rooms to let. There are many delightful tavernas on the island where visitors can enjoy a wonderful selection of tasty local cuisine, as well as fresh seafood.
Psara is now best known for its lobster, honey and cheese.
Frequent boat connections with the island of Chios.

Useful Info:
Medical Dispensary Tel. 0030 22740 61277
Police Tel. 0030 22740 61222
Port Authority Tel. 0030 22740 61252, 22740 61336
Municipality Tel. 0030 22740 61266