Samos - Greece
Samos is a fertile island with an intricate coastline, and one of the cradles of Greek civilization, being the birthplace of philosophers such as Epicurus and Pythagoras of mathematical fame. The island lies very close to what is now the Turkish coast, where Greek civilization and culture first flowered in the pre-classical era. The chief port and town of Samos is Vathy, built in a semicircle in the bay of the same name. Samos has many good beaches, the best of which looks onto the sapphire-blue waters at Psili Ammo.
We’ve left the best until last: Samos is the home of the heady, golden Samos sweet wine that has a startlingly high alcohol content. A couple of glasses of the stuff will turn the inside of your head into a brighter and happier place. Any more, though, and they’ll be lifting you off the cobblestones.
There are daily ferry sailings from Piraeus and flights from Athens.

Lemonakia beach
A narrow pebbly beach with a few umbrellas and a couple of tavernas nearby.

Potami Beach
Potami is one of the most popular beaches of Samos northeast coast. It is a long pebbly beach with clean waters.

A very nice and small sandy and pebbly beach with clean waters. It is accessible by car and you can enjoy ice creams, coffee and fresh juices in the nearby Sea Park View cafe.

A long, sandy beach with clean water. During the summer the beach is very crowded and you can also enjoy summer sports.

Psili Ammos
Very nice and long sand beach with clean waters. You can reach the beach by car and during the summer there is a small cafe from which you can buy water, sandwiches and juices.

Between Pythagorion and Potokaki lies a long stretch of sandy beach, with umbrellas and sunbeds, a few beach bars, and a number of water sport outlets. This is perhaps Samos’ most crowded beach.

A nice and small sandy beach with clear waters, accessible by car. There is a small tavern very close to the beach.

4 Blue Flag Beaches: Pythagorio, Potokaki 1, Potokaki 2, Glykoriza.

• The tunnel of Efpalinus
• The Temple dedicate to Goddess Hera
• Sarakinis’ tower
• Lykourgos Tower
• Cave of Pythagoras
• The boatyard at St. Isidoros (Kallithea region)
• Waterfalls of Potami
• The Genovese Castle (Karlovasi).
Samos archaeological museum
The exhibits are housed in two buildings:
1) The Old Museum, built in 1912 and formerly housing the “Paschaleion archives”
2) The New Museum which was inaugurated in 1987 and contains the archaic sculpture collection. The building was erected at the expense of the “Volkswagen” cultural foundation.

Pythagorion archaeological collection
The collection has been housed in the ground floor of the Town Hall since the beginning of the century. It contains the following collections:
Archaic stelae
Portraits of Roman emperors
Relief funeral banquets
Pottery spanning the period between the 9th and the 2nd centuries B.C.

Natural History Museum of the Aegean
It is located n the village of Mitilinioi, (12 km from Samos town) and it is comprised of the Peleontological and the Natural history sectors.
Important exhibits:
Fossils of bonus from animals that lived 3,5 – 7 million years ago. They belong to middle and large size mammals and also smaller vertebrate terrestrial mammals.
Most important are the fossils of Samokeros (ancient type of cattle), Samotherion, Gomphotherion, Dinotherion, Macherodon, Metelouros and large carnivorous mammals.

Karlovasi folklore museum
The Historical and Folklore museum of Karlovasi opened in 1994.
It’s exhibits cover a period that extends from 1870 until 1955 and in essence combine agricultural and urban elements.

N. Dimitriou folklore museum
In the general area of Pythagorio (close to hotel “Doryssa”), is the Folklore Museum of Samos\which was created with the care of “Nikolaos Dimitriou Literary Foundation”.
The exhibits of the museum represent an image of everyday life in Samos, mainly before 1940. Many of the exhibits are also used today in the everyday life in the villages of Samos.

Samos Police Tel. 0030 22730 33333
Samos Port Authorities Tel. 0030 22730 27318, 27890
Samos Airport Tel. 0030 22730 87800
Samos Doctor Tel. 0030 22730 83100
Samos Tourist Police Tel. 0030 22730 27980
Samos Bus Service Tel. 0030 22730 27262

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