Thessaly, in the centre of Greece, is a land of variegated features, from the great shadow of Mount Olympus in the north to the greenery of Mount Pelion to the east, reflected in the blue waves of the Aegean Sea, from Lake Plastira in the centre and the great fertile breadbasket around Larissa to the otherworldly heights of Meteora to the west.
Thessaly has never been considered “touristy” in the typical sense of the word. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth experiencing.
It became part of the modern Greek state in 1881, after four and a half centuries of Ottoman rule. Since 1987 it forms one of the country’s 13 peripheries and is further sub-divided into 5 peripheral units and 25 municipalities. The capital of the periphery is Larissa. Thessaly borders the regions of Macedonia on the north, Epirus on the west, Central Greece on the south and the Aegean Sea on the east. The Thessaly Periphery also includes the Sporades islands.

Recommended destinations in Thessaly:

Sporades (Skiathos, Alonissos, Skyros, Skopelos)
Mount Olympus
Mount Kissavos