West Macedonia

West Macedonia is one of the thirteen peripheries of Greece, consisting of the western part of the region of Macedonia. It is divided into the peripheral units of Florina, Grevena, Kastoria, and Kozani.
The periphery of West Macedonia is situated in north-western Greece, bordering with the peripheries of Central Macedonia (east), Thessaly (south), Epirus (west) and bounded to the north at the international borders of Greece with Skopia and Albania. Although it covers a total surface of 9,451 km2 (3,649 sq mi) which is 7,2% of country’s total, it has a total population of 302,892 inhabitants (2.9% of the country’s total), thus it is a low-density populated Region (32 per km², as compared to the country’s 79.7 relevant figure). This is mainly due to the mountainous nature of the Region, as 82% of the total surface are mountainous and semi-mountainous areas. This is also reflected in the population distribution, as the major part of the population (56%) lives in rural areas. Capital of the periphery is Kozani with 47,451 inhabitants. Other main towns are Ptolemaida (32,775), Grevena (16,704), Florina (14,318) and Kastoria (13,959).