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Sailing in Greece is a dream in life that can become reality and easy to access. Hellas easyacht with years in the yachting sector, takes every effort to ensure guests safety, and a carefree, enjoyable sailing experience. Our company philosophy is to meet the highest standards of service and care. We offer a direct and honest approach to communication and personalized service. We practice ethics and professionalism and offer the best Quality Assurance for our yachts.
Essential qualities such as, years of sailing experience, local knowledge of the Greek islands and their hidden beauties and prompt responsiveness guarantee the satisfaction of our guests to the last detail. Also, our network yacht owners, with which we collaborate, are selected with the most stringent guidelines. Whether you have sailing experience or you are a total novice, we take every effort to ensure safety first and a memorable, exhilarating sailing holiday.
Our friendly staff guarantees to answer all your questions until the last detail, there are no hidden costs or fine print, minimum paper work and they will share with you in-depth local knowledge of Greek islands hidden beauties. Personal contact is our policy and our experienced staff will guide you through each planning step of your dream sail in Greece. At the same time, you receive the benefits of communication with the yacht owner.We offer bareboat, skippered, or if you wish, full crew luxury yachts, and flotillas. Partners and network members, with which we collaborate, are selected with the most stringent guidelines to ensure you fun, relaxation, unforgettable and trouble-free cruising time and finally great memories until you return.

Hellas Easyacht welcomes you to Greece and wishes you the most wonderful and memorable cruising vacation!

Elena Michalopoulou
Yachting Manager
Elena@easyacht.gr +info

Hellas easyacht MCPY
Yachting Network

10, Shistis Petras 18533 Piraeus Greece. Tel: +30 210 4172902. E-mail: info@easyacht.gr

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