Which Greek islands should I visit and how to choose among them based on my interests and budget?

Greece is a country blessed with hundreds of islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas, each offering a unique charm, culture and natural beauty. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach getaway, a cultural immersion, an adventure-filled trip or a combination of all three, there is a Greek island that suits your needs and preferences. But how do you choose among so many options? Here are some tips and suggestions to help you plan your dream island-hopping vacation in Greece.

Consider your travel style and interests

Before you start browsing through the endless list of Greek islands, think about what kind of traveler you are and what you want to get out of your trip. Are you a history buff who wants to explore ancient ruins and museums? A nature lover who enjoys hiking, biking and diving? A party animal who likes to dance the night away? A foodie who wants to taste local delicacies and wines? A romantic who seeks stunning views and sunsets? Or maybe you are a bit of everything and want to experience a variety of activities and atmospheres.

Once you have a clear idea of your travel style and interests, you can narrow down your choices by looking for islands that match your criteria. For example, if you are into history and culture, you might want to visit Rhodes, Delos, Corfu or Patmos, where you can find impressive monuments, museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you are into diving and snorkeling, you might want to check out Crete, Milos, Paros or Santorini, where you can discover underwater wonders and shipwrecks. If you are into partying and nightlife, you might want to head to Mykonos, Skiathos or Ios, where you can find lively bars, clubs and beach parties. If you are into gastronomy and wine, you might want to explore Crete, Naxos, Santorini or Lesvos, where you can sample local specialties and products.

Consider your budget and season

Another important factor to consider when choosing among the Greek islands is your budget and the season of your travel. Generally speaking, the more popular and touristy an island is, the more expensive it will be. For example, Mykonos and Santorini are known for their luxury hotels, restaurants and shops, which can make them quite pricey for some travelers. On the other hand, there are many smaller and less crowded islands that offer more affordable options for accommodation, food and transportation. For example, Lipsi, Hydra, Kefallonia or Skiathos are some of the islands that have a more laid-back vibe and lower costs.

The season of your travel can also affect your budget and experience. The peak season in Greece is from June to September, when the weather is warm and sunny, the sea is calm and clear, and the islands are buzzing with activity. However, this also means that the prices are higher, the crowds are larger and the availability is lower. If you want to save money and avoid the masses, you might want to consider traveling in the shoulder season (April-May or October-November), when the weather is still pleasant but not too hot or cold, the sea is still swimmable but not too rough or chilly, and the islands are still lively but not too busy. You can also find better deals on flights, ferries, hotels and tours during this time.

Consider your itinerary and logistics

Finally, once you have a shortlist of islands that fit your travel style, interests, budget and season, you need to think about how to plan your itinerary and logistics. Depending on how much time you have and how many islands you want to visit, you need to consider the distance between them, the frequency of ferries or flights connecting them, the availability of accommodation and tours on each island, and the time required to explore each island.

A good rule of thumb is to spend at least two or three days on each island to get a feel for its character and attractions. You also need to factor in some buffer time for traveling between islands (usually two to four hours by ferry or one hour by plane), checking in and out of hotels (usually around noon), packing and unpacking your luggage (usually once per island), etc. You don’t want to rush through your trip or spend more time on transit than on enjoying yourself.

To make your planning easier, you can also look for island groups that are close to each other geographically or culturally. For example, some of the most popular island groups in Greece are:

  • The Cyclades: This is the quintessential Greek island group, with whitewashed villages, blue-domed churches, stunning calderas and windmills. Some of the most famous islands in this group are Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Milos.
  • The Dodecanese: This is the easternmost Greek island group, with a rich history and a blend of Greek and Turkish influences. Some of the most famous islands in this group are Rhodes, Kos, Patmos and Symi.
  • The Ionian: This is the westernmost Greek island group, with a lush green landscape and a Venetian flair. Some of the most famous islands in this group are Corfu, Kefallonia, Zakynthos and Lefkada.
  • The Sporades: This is the northernmost Greek island group, with pine forests, sandy beaches and marine parks. Some of the most famous islands in this group are Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros.
  • The Northeastern Aegean: This is the closest Greek island group to Turkey, with a diverse terrain and a strong gastronomic culture. Some of the most famous islands in this group are Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria.

Of course, you can also mix and match islands from different groups or even from different seas (such as Crete from the Aegean Sea and Corfu from the Ionian Sea), as long as you plan your transportation accordingly. You can also start or end your trip in Athens, where you can visit the iconic Acropolis and other historical and cultural attractions.


Choosing among the Greek islands can be a daunting task, but it can also be a fun and rewarding one. By following these tips and suggestions, you can find the best Greek island for you and enjoy an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful and diverse destinations in the world.