What are the best dishes and drinks to try in Greece and where to find them?

Greece is a country that has a rich and diverse culinary heritage, influenced by its geography, history and culture. From the fresh seafood of the islands to the hearty meat dishes of the mountains, from the classic dips and salads to the decadent desserts and pastries, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Greek cuisine. Whether you are planning a trip to Greece or just want to experience some of its flavors at home, here are some of the best dishes and drinks to try in Greece and where to find them.

Best dishes to try in Greece

  1. Taramasalata

    : This creamy dip is made from fish roe (usually cod or carp), blended with bread or potatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and sometimes garlic. It is usually served with warm pita bread or fresh vegetables as an appetizer or a snack. Taramasalata is a great way to start your meal with a burst of salty and tangy flavor. You can find it in most tavernas and restaurants across Greece, or make your own with this



  2. Olives and olive oil

    : Olives are an essential part of Greek cuisine, as they are used in salads, dips, sauces, stews and more. They come in different varieties, colors and sizes, each with its own taste and texture. Some of the most popular ones are kalamata, throubes, amfissa and green olives. Olive oil is also a staple ingredient in Greek cooking, as it adds richness, flavor and health benefits to any dish. Greeks produce some of the finest olive oil in the world, so make sure you try some when you visit Greece or buy some to take home. You can enjoy olives and olive oil as a simple snack with bread or cheese, or use them in various recipes like this

    olive oil bread

    or this

    orange olive oil cake


  3. Dolmades

    : These are stuffed grape leaves that can be filled with rice, meat, herbs, nuts or cheese. They are usually served cold or at room temperature as an appetizer or a side dish. Dolmades are a delicious way to enjoy the fresh and aromatic flavors of Greek herbs like dill, mint, parsley and oregano. You can find them in most tavernas and supermarkets in Greece, or make your own with this



  4. Moussaka

    : This is one of the most famous and beloved dishes in Greece, and for good reason. Moussaka is a layered casserole that consists of sliced eggplant, minced meat (usually lamb or beef), tomato sauce and b├ęchamel sauce. It is baked until golden and bubbly, and then cut into slices and served hot. Moussaka is a hearty and satisfying dish that showcases the rich and savory flavors of Greek cuisine. You can find it in almost every restaurant in Greece, or make your own with this



  5. Gyros

    : This is the ultimate street food in Greece, and one of the most popular dishes among locals and tourists alike. Gyros are wraps made from soft pita bread filled with sliced meat (usually pork or chicken) cooked on a vertical rotisserie, along with tomato, onion, fries and tzatziki sauce. They are cheap, filling and delicious, and you can find them in every corner of Greece. You can also customize your gyros with different sauces, toppings and meats according to your preference. Try our

    chicken gyros recipe

    for a taste of this Greek classic.

  6. Baklava

    : No meal in Greece is complete without dessert, and baklava is one of the most popular ones. Baklava is a pastry made from layers of thin filo dough filled with chopped nuts (usually walnuts or pistachios) and soaked in honey syrup. It is cut into diamond-shaped pieces and served cold or at room temperature. Baklava is a sweet and crunchy treat that will satisfy your sugar cravings. You can find it in most bakeries and pastry shops in Greece, or make your own with this



Best drinks to try in Greece

  1. Krasi

    : This is the Greek word for wine, and Greece has a long and rich tradition of wine-making that dates back to ancient times. Greece produces a variety of wines, from dry whites to full-bodied reds, from sparkling to sweet. Some of the most famous wine regions in Greece are Santorini, Nemea, Naoussa and Crete. You can enjoy a glass of krasi with your meal, or visit a winery and taste different varieties. You can also try retsina, a unique type of wine that is flavored with pine resin, giving it a distinctive aroma and taste.

  2. Ouzo

    : This is the national drink of Greece, and one of the most iconic symbols of its culture. Ouzo is a clear spirit that is distilled from grapes and flavored with anise, giving it a licorice-like taste. It is usually served with water and ice, which turns it into a milky white color. Ouzo is often drunk as an aperitif before a meal, or as an accompaniment to meze (small plates of food). It is also used in cooking, especially in seafood dishes. Ouzo is a strong and refreshing drink that will awaken your senses.

  3. Raki

    : This is another popular spirit in Greece, especially in Crete and other islands. Raki is made from the leftover grapes after wine-making, and it has a high alcohol content and a sharp and fiery taste. It is usually served neat in small glasses, and often offered as a gesture of hospitality or friendship. Raki is also known as tsikoudia or tsipouro in different parts of Greece.

  4. Metaxa

    : This is a Greek brandy that is blended with wine and flavored with herbs and spices. It has a smooth and mellow taste, and it comes in different grades, from three stars to seven stars, depending on the age and quality. Metaxa can be drunk neat, on the rocks, or mixed with other drinks. It is also used in cooking and baking, especially in desserts.

  5. Greek coffee

    : This is a thick and strong coffee that is brewed in a small pot called a briki. It is usually sweetened according to taste, from sketo (no sugar) to glyko (very sweet). It is served in small cups with a layer of foam on top and a layer of grounds at the bottom. Greek coffee is not filtered, so you have to sip it slowly and avoid the last sip. Greek coffee is a staple drink in Greece, and you can find it in every cafe and kafeneio (traditional coffee house).

These are some of the best dishes and drinks to try in Greece, but there are many more to discover and enjoy. Greek cuisine is full of diversity, quality and flavor, and it reflects the history, culture and lifestyle of this beautiful country. So don’t be afraid to explore new tastes and experiences when you visit Greece or cook at home. You will be rewarded with unforgettable memories and sensations.