What are some of the souvenirs and products that you can buy in Greece and where to find them?

Greece is a country with a rich history, culture and cuisine. It is also a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy its beautiful landscapes, islands and beaches. If you are planning to visit Greece, you might be wondering what to buy as souvenirs or gifts for your friends and family back home. In this blog post, we will give you some ideas of the best souvenirs and products that you can buy in Greece and where to find them.

Greek leather sandals

One of the most iconic and traditional products that you can buy in Greece is a pair of leather sandals. These sandals are handmade by local craftsmen using high-quality leather and simple designs. They are comfortable, durable and stylish, and they can match any outfit. You can find them in various colors, shapes and sizes, from classic to modern styles. Some of the most famous places to buy leather sandals in Greece are:

  • The Poet Sandal Maker in Athens, where you can get custom-made sandals inspired by ancient Greek mythology and history.
  • The Sandal Workshop in Naxos, where you can choose from a wide range of models and colors, or create your own design.
  • The Stavros Melissinos Art Shop in Rhodes, where you can buy sandals made by the famous poet and artist Stavros Melissinos.

Olive oil and olive-based products

Olive oil is the essence of Greek cuisine and the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It is produced from olives that grow on olive trees all over the country. It has a distinctive flavor, aroma and color, and it is rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. Olive oil is used for cooking, dressing salads, dipping bread, or drizzling over cheese and vegetables. You can buy olive oil in bottles or cans, or in special gift packs that include other olive-based products, such as:

  • Olive soap, which is made from olive oil and natural herbs. It is gentle on the skin and has moisturizing and antibacterial properties.
  • Olive wood items, such as bowls, spoons, cutting boards, coasters and ornaments. They are handcrafted from olive wood that has a unique grain and texture.
  • Olive paste, which is a spread made from crushed olives, herbs and spices. It is delicious on bread, crackers or cheese.

You can find olive oil and olive-based products in supermarkets, delis, street markets, or specialty shops that sell local products. Some of the best places to buy them are:

  • The Olive Shop in Athens, which offers a variety of organic olive oils and other products from different regions of Greece.
  • The Olive Tree in Santorini, which sells olive oil soap, cosmetics, candles and souvenirs made from olive wood.
  • The Olive Press Museum in Lesvos, which showcases the history and culture of olive oil production and offers tastings and workshops.