How to relax at the beaches of Kavala and enjoy the sea and the sun?

Kavala is a beautiful city in northern Greece, with a rich history, culture and gastronomy. But what makes it even more attractive for visitors is its proximity to some of the most amazing beaches in the country. Whether you are looking for a sandy beach with crystal clear water, a picturesque cove with pine trees, or a lively beach bar with music and cocktails, Kavala has it all. Here are some of the best beaches in Kavala that you can enjoy during your stay.


Batis is a beach with organised facilities in a beautiful, picturesque gulf 4 km from Kavala, which has been awarded a Blue Flag for its cleanliness and services. It has sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, toilets, lifeguards, playgrounds, sports courts and a water park. You can also find a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to suit your taste and mood. Batis is ideal for families, couples and groups of friends who want to have fun and relax by the sea.


Tosca is a beach that makes you feel so close yet so far from the bustle of the centre. Tosca has fine sand, shallow water and natural shade from the trees. It is located 5 km from Kavala and it is easily accessible by car or bus. It has free sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a beach bar that serves drinks and snacks. Tosca is perfect for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day at the beach.


Kalamitsa is the Municipality of Kavala’s beach with organised services at the west entrance to the town. It is a top choice for many locals and tourists who want to swim in the blue sea and enjoy the view of the city and the castle. It has sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, toilets, lifeguards, playgrounds and sports facilities. It also has a variety of cafes, restaurants and bars that offer delicious food and drinks. Kalamitsa is a great beach for everyone who wants to have a convenient and comfortable beach experience.


Ammolofoi is one of the most popular and exotic beaches in Kavala. It is located west of Peramos and it consists of three sandy bays with turquoise water. It has sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, toilets, lifeguards and parking spaces. You can also find many beach bars that play music and serve cocktails and snacks. Ammolofoi is ideal for those who love to party and have fun at the beach.


Keramoti is a seaside town that has one of the longest and widest beaches in Greece. It has golden sand, clear water and a pine forest along the coast that offers natural shade and beauty. It is located 40 km from Kavala and it is easily reachable by car or ferry. It has sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, toilets, lifeguards and parking spaces. You can also find many tavernas, cafes and bars that serve fresh seafood and local delicacies. Keramoti is perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and authentic Greek holiday.


Kavala is a city that offers many options for beach lovers. You can choose from different types of beaches according to your preferences and needs. You can also combine your beach time with sightseeing, shopping and cultural activities in the city centre. Kavala is a destination that will make you fall in love with its charm and beauty.