What are the nightlife and entertainment options of Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki is a vibrant city in northern Greece, known for its rich history, culture and gastronomy. But Thessaloniki is also famous for its nightlife, which has been ranked among the best in the world by National Geographic. Whether you are looking for bars, clubs, live music, traditional taverns or casinos, Thessaloniki has something for everyone. Here are some of the best nightlife and entertainment options of Thessaloniki that you should not miss.


Thessaloniki has a plethora of bars to suit every taste and mood. You can find cocktail bars with signature drinks, wine bars with local and international labels, jazz bars with live performances, rooftop bars with stunning views, and more. Some of the most popular areas for bar-hopping are the Beach Promenade, Ladadika, Valaoritou and Bit Bazaar. Some of the best bars in Thessaloniki are:

  • Dentro Sto Bar: A cozy and friendly bar with a variety of beers, cocktails and snacks. It often hosts live music events and DJ sets.
  • The Hoppy Pub: A specialist beer bar with a large selection of craft beers from Greece and abroad. It also serves burgers, pizzas and salads.
  • Le Coq Tail Mix Bar: A stylish and elegant cocktail bar with a panoramic view of the White Tower and the sea. It offers creative cocktails made with fresh ingredients and premium spirits.
  • WonderWall Cafe Bar: A retro-themed bar with four floors, each with a different concept. The second floor features arcade games and pinball machines, while the fourth floor has a terrace with a view.
  • TYCO: A fashionable and sophisticated bar with a minimalist design and a curated music playlist. It serves perfectly balanced cocktails and fine wines.


If you want to dance the night away, Thessaloniki has plenty of clubs to choose from. You can find clubs with Greek or foreign music, mainstream or alternative genres, large or intimate venues. The clubs in Thessaloniki are known for their impressive design, their quality sound system and their lively atmosphere. Some of the best clubs in Thessaloniki are:

  • Ensayar The Four Seasons Bar: A unique club that changes its theme according to the season. It has a large outdoor area with a pool and a garden, as well as an indoor area with a stage and a dance floor.
  • Prigipessa: A club that specializes in Greek rock music, featuring live bands and DJs. It has a spacious hall with a wooden floor and a balcony.
  • Pantheon: A club that combines modern and classical elements in its decor, creating a luxurious and elegant ambiance. It plays mainly house and techno music.
  • Block 33: A club that hosts concerts and events of various music genres, from rock and metal to hip hop and reggae. It has two stages, a large bar and a graffiti-covered wall.
  • Pulp Bar Thessaloniki: A club that pays tribute to the pulp culture of the 50s and 60s, with vintage posters and memorabilia. It plays rockabilly, surf rock, garage rock and other retro sounds.

Taverns with Greek music

One of the most authentic ways to experience the nightlife of Thessaloniki is to visit a tavern with live Greek music. You can enjoy traditional dishes, local wine and ouzo, while listening to folk songs played by musicians with bouzouki, guitar and vocals. You can also join the locals in singing along, clapping your hands and dancing on the tables. Some of the best taverns with Greek music in Thessaloniki are:

  • Kafodeio Elliniko: A tavern that offers a variety of meze, salads and grilled meat, as well as a wide range of drinks. It has a cozy and warm atmosphere, with live music every night.
  • Tabya: A tavern that serves homemade dishes, such as moussaka, stuffed peppers and pies, as well as local wines and spirits. It has a colorful and artistic decoration, with paintings and sculptures.
  • To Koutouki Tou Mimi: A tavern that specializes in seafood, such as octopus, squid and mussels, as well as ouzo and tsipouro. It has a lively and friendly vibe, with live music every weekend.
  • To Koutouki Tou Saki: A tavern that offers a variety of appetizers, cheese and meat platters, as well as beer and wine. It has a rustic and cozy interior, with live music every night.
  • To Koutouki Tou Manoli: A tavern that serves traditional dishes, such as souvlaki, gyros and kebab, as well as raki and ouzo. It has a simple and charming decoration, with live music every night.


A night out in Thessaloniki is not complete without the experience of bouzouki, the most popular form of Greek entertainment. Bouzouki clubs are large venues where famous Greek singers perform live on stage, accompanied by an orchestra of bouzouki, guitar, keyboard and drums. The audience can enjoy the show while drinking, eating and dancing on the floor or on their tables. Some of the best bouzouki clubs in Thessaloniki are:

  • Fix Live Club: A bouzouki club that hosts some of the biggest names of Greek music, such as Antonis Remos, Nikos Vertis and Melina Aslanidou. It has a modern and elegant design, with a large stage and a VIP area.
  • Posidonio Music Hall: A bouzouki club that features some of the most popular singers of Greek music, such as Giorgos Mazonakis, Despina Vandi and Peggy Zina. It has a luxurious and glamorous decor, with a spacious dance floor and a balcony.
  • Fix Factory Of Sound: A bouzouki club that presents some of the most talented artists of Greek music, such as Giannis Ploutarhos, Eleni Foureira and Konstantinos Argiros. It has a stylish and sophisticated ambiance, with a high-tech sound system and lighting.
  • Principal Club Theater: A bouzouki club that showcases some of the most dynamic performers of Greek music, such as Panos Kiamos, Paola Foka and Nikos Makropoulos. It has a cozy and warm atmosphere, with a wooden floor and a fireplace.
  • Mylos Club: A bouzouki club that hosts some of the most innovative acts of Greek music, such as Eleonora Zouganeli, Kostis Maraveyas and Imam Baildi. It has a industrial and artistic design, with an old mill converted into a stage.


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