How to Pack for Your Trip to Greece: A Complete Guide

Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history, stunning landscapes, and amazing cuisine. Whether you’re planning to visit Athens, the islands, or both, you’ll need to pack smartly to enjoy your trip to the fullest. In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips on what kind of clothes, shoes, and accessories you should bring for your trip to Greece, depending on the season, the destination, and the activities you want to do.

What to Pack for Greece in Summer

Summer is the most popular time to visit Greece, as the weather is warm and sunny, and the sea is inviting. However, summer also means high temperatures, crowds, and sometimes strong winds. Here’s what you should pack for Greece in summer:

  • A hat and sunglasses

    : The sun can be very intense in Greece, especially in July and August, so you’ll need to protect your eyes and head from the UV rays. A hat with a wide brim or a cap is a good idea, as well as polarized sunglasses with dark lenses.

  • Sunscreen

    : Speaking of sun protection, don’t forget to pack sunscreen with a high SPF factor. You’ll need to apply it generously and frequently, especially if you’re spending time at the beach or by the pool. Look for a sunscreen that is water-resistant, reef-safe, and eco-friendly.

  • A reusable water bottle

    : Staying hydrated is very important in Greece, especially in summer when the temperatures can reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Tap water is safe to drink in most places, but it may taste salty or chlorinated in some islands. A reusable water bottle with a built-in filter can help you save money and reduce plastic waste.

  • Lightweight clothes

    : You’ll want to pack clothes that are comfortable, breathable, and easy to mix and match. Think cotton, linen, or rayon fabrics in light colors that reflect the heat. For women, dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, and rompers are great options. For men, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, and linen pants are ideal. You can also bring a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings or places with air-conditioning.

  • A swimsuit and a cover-up

    : If you’re planning to visit the islands or enjoy the beaches on the mainland, you’ll need a swimsuit and a cover-up. Pack at least two swimsuits so you can alternate them. For women, a sarong, a kaftan, or a dress can work as a cover-up. For men, a shirt or a tank top can do the trick.

  • Comfortable shoes

    : You’ll be doing a lot of walking in Greece, whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, wandering around picturesque villages, or hiking on scenic trails. You’ll need comfortable shoes that can handle different terrains and surfaces. For city sightseeing or casual outings, sneakers, sandals, or flats are good choices. For hiking or outdoor activities, hiking shoes or boots are recommended.

  • A scarf or a shawl

    : A scarf or a shawl can be very useful in Greece for various reasons. You can use it to cover your shoulders when visiting churches or monasteries that require modest attire. You can also use it to keep warm on chilly nights or places with too much air-conditioning. Plus, it can add some color and style to your outfit.

  • A beach bag

    : A beach bag is essential for carrying your belongings to and from the beach. Look for a bag that is spacious enough to fit your towel, sunscreen, water bottle, book, and other essentials. You can also choose a bag that is waterproof or sand-proof for extra convenience.

What to Pack for Greece in Winter

Winter is the low season in Greece, as the weather is colder and wetter than in summer. However,
winter also means fewer crowds,
lower prices,
cozy atmosphere.
If you’re visiting Greece in winter,
here’s what you should pack:

  • A warm coat or jacket

    : The temperature in winter can vary depending on where you are in Greece. In Athens and other cities on the mainland,
    it can get very cold and even snow sometimes.
    In the islands,
    it’s usually milder but still chilly.
    You’ll need a warm coat or jacket that can keep you cozy and dry.
    A down jacket,
    a wool coat,
    or a waterproof jacket are good options.

  • Layers

    : Layering is the key to dressing for winter in Greece. You’ll want to pack clothes that you can easily add or remove depending on the weather and the occasion. For example,
    you can wear a thermal shirt,
    a sweater,
    and a coat for outdoor activities,
    and then take off the coat and the sweater when you’re indoors.
    Some items that are great for layering are turtlenecks,
    and leggings.

  • Boots

    : Boots are the best shoes for winter in Greece, as they can keep your feet warm and dry. You can choose between ankle boots or knee-high boots, depending on your preference and style. Look for boots that are comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

  • A scarf, a hat, and gloves

    : These accessories are not only fashionable, but also functional. They can help you stay warm and protect you from the wind and the rain. You can choose between wool, fleece, or synthetic materials, depending on your budget and taste.

  • An umbrella or a raincoat

    : Winter is the rainy season in Greece, so you’ll need to be prepared for some showers. An umbrella or a raincoat can come in handy when you’re out and about. You can also pack a waterproof backpack or a dry bag to protect your electronics and valuables from getting wet.

What to Pack for Greece in Spring or Fall

Spring and fall are the shoulder seasons in Greece, as the weather is mild and pleasant, and the crowds are moderate. These are great times to visit Greece, as you can enjoy the best of both worlds: sunny days and cool nights, cultural attractions and natural beauty, lively festivals and relaxing retreats. Here’s what you should pack for Greece in spring or fall:

  • A light jacket or a cardigan

    : The temperature in spring or fall can fluctuate depending on the time of day and the location. You’ll need a light jacket or a cardigan that you can wear over your clothes when it gets cooler. A denim jacket, a leather jacket, or a blazer are versatile choices that can match with different outfits.

  • Pants or jeans

    : Pants or jeans are more suitable for spring or fall than shorts or skirts, as they can keep you warmer and more comfortable. You can choose between different styles and colors, such as skinny jeans, cropped pants, or wide-leg pants.

  • Dresses or skirts

    : If you prefer dresses or skirts, you can still wear them in spring or fall, as long as you pair them with some layers. For example, you can wear a dress or a skirt with a sweater, a jacket, and some tights or leggings. You can also opt for midi or maxi dresses or skirts that cover more of your legs.

  • Sneakers or flats

    : Sneakers or flats are ideal shoes for spring or fall in Greece, as they are comfortable and casual. You can wear them with pants, jeans, dresses, or skirts. You can also bring some sandals or heels for dressier occasions.

  • A hat

    : A hat can be a nice accessory for spring or fall in Greece, as it can add some flair to your look and protect you from the sun. You can choose between different types of hats, such as fedoras, berets, beanies, or baseball caps.

What to Pack for Greece: Accessories and Extras

Besides clothes and shoes, there are some other items that you should pack for your trip to Greece. These include:

  • A travel adapter

    : Greece uses type C and F plugs, which are different from those used in North America and some other countries. You’ll need a travel adapter to charge your electronics and use your appliances. A universal travel adapter is a good option, as it can work in different countries and has multiple ports.

  • An external battery

    : An external battery is a lifesaver when you’re traveling, as it can recharge your phone, camera, or other devices when there’s no power outlet available. Look for an external battery that is lightweight, compact, and has a high capacity.

  • A camera

    : Greece is one of the most photogenic countries in the world, so you’ll want to capture its beauty with a camera. You can use your phone camera if it’s good enough, or bring a DSLR camera if you’re into photography. A GoPro camera or an underwater camera is also great for taking photos at the beach or underwater.

  • A travel journal

    : A travel journal is a wonderful way to document your trip to Greece and keep track of your memories. You