What are some of the outdoor activities and sports that you can do in Greece such as hiking, sailing, skiing, or surfing?

Greece is a country blessed with natural beauty, diverse landscapes, rich culture and history, and a sunny climate all year round. It is no wonder that it attracts millions of visitors every year who want to enjoy its beaches, islands, mountains, monuments, and cuisine. But Greece is also a paradise for those who love outdoor activities and sports, as it offers a wide range of options for every taste and skill level. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or fun, you will find something to suit you in Greece.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the most popular outdoor activities and sports that you can do in Greece, such as hiking, sailing, skiing, or surfing. We will also give you some tips on where to go, what to expect, and how to prepare for your trip. So get ready to discover a different side of Greece that will make you fall in love with this country even more.


Hiking is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty and diversity of Greece. The country has over 40 mountain ranges that offer stunning scenery, varied terrain, and trails for all levels of difficulty. You can hike through forests, gorges, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caves, and ancient sites. You can also enjoy panoramic views of the sea, the islands, and the countryside. Hiking in Greece is not only a physical activity but also a cultural and historical one, as you will encounter Byzantine churches, medieval castles, ancient ruins, traditional villages, and monasteries along the way.

Some of the top hiking destinations in Greece are:

  • Mt Olympus

    : The home of the 12 ancient gods and the highest mountain in Greece. It has gentle family-friendly trails and more challenging routes if you want to reach the highest peaks. You can also visit the Olympus National Park, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with rich flora and fauna.

  • Meteora

    : A UNESCO World Heritage Site with spectacular rock formations and centuries-old monasteries perched on top of them. You can hike between the monasteries and admire the unique landscape and architecture.

  • Pindos Mountains

    : A mountain range in northern Greece with some of the most impressive hiking paths in the country. You can explore the Vikos Gorge (the deepest gorge in the world), the stone villages of Zagori (a network of 46 picturesque settlements), and the Valia Calda National Park (a pristine wilderness area).

  • Cyclades

    : The most glamorous island chain in Greece, forming a circle around uninhabited Delos (an archaeological treasure trove). There are memorable hikes on all Cyclades isles, including Santorini (with its famous caldera and volcano), Tinos (with its marble villages and dovecotes), and Folegandros (with its dramatic cliffs and secluded beaches).

  • Crete

    : The largest and most diverse island in Greece, with a rich history and culture. There are plenty of hiking paths all over Crete, but some of the stand-out ones are in the White Mountains (with their snow-capped peaks and gorges), the Samaria Gorge (the longest gorge in Europe), and the coastal paths along the Libyan Sea (with their exotic palm forests and lagoons).

If you want to hike in Greece, you should plan your trip according to the season, as some trails may be closed or inaccessible due to weather conditions. Spring and autumn are generally the best seasons for hiking, as they offer mild temperatures, clear skies, and blooming nature. Summer can be too hot for hiking at lower altitudes but ideal for higher ones. Winter can be cold and snowy but also rewarding for experienced hikers who want to enjoy the solitude and beauty of the mountains.

You should also pack appropriate clothing and equipment for your hike, such as comfortable shoes, layers of clothing, sun protection, water bottle, snacks, map or GPS device,
first aid kit etc. You should also inform someone about your itinerary and expected return time before you start your hike. You can also join organized hiking tours or hire local guides who can show you around and ensure your safety.


Sailing is another popular outdoor activity that you can do in Greece. With more than 6.000 islands and islets scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas,
Greece offers endless opportunities for sailing enthusiasts to explore its coastline
and discover hidden gems. You can sail from island to island, enjoying the crystal-clear waters, the sandy beaches, the picturesque ports, and the charming villages. You can also visit archaeological sites, natural parks, and cultural attractions along the way. Sailing in Greece is not only a relaxing and fun activity but also a way to experience the history, culture, and hospitality of the country.

Some of the top sailing destinations in Greece are:

  • Saronic Gulf

    : A group of islands close to Athens, ideal for short trips and beginners. You can sail to Aegina (with its famous temple of Aphaia), Poros (with its pine-covered hills and lemon groves), Hydra (with its elegant mansions and car-free policy), and Spetses (with its naval tradition and horse-drawn carriages).

  • Cyclades

    : The most famous island group in Greece, with its iconic white-and-blue architecture and cosmopolitan vibe. You can sail to Mykonos (with its
    windmills and nightlife), Paros (with its golden beaches and water sports), Naxos (with its fertile valleys and Venetian castle), Milos (with its volcanic rocks and colorful villages), and Santorini (with its breathtaking caldera and sunset).

  • Dodecanese

    : A group of islands on the eastern edge of the Aegean Sea, with a strong influence from Asia Minor and Italy. You can sail to Rhodes (with its medieval old town and Colossus statue), Kos (with its ancient healing center of Asclepius), Patmos (with its sacred monastery of St John), Symi (with its neoclassical houses and sponge diving tradition), and Karpathos (with its authentic customs and music).

  • Ionian Islands

    : A group of islands on the western coast of Greece, with a lush green landscape and a mild climate. You can sail to Corfu (with its Venetian fortresses and aristocratic atmosphere), Lefkada (with its turquoise lagoons and windsurfing spots), Kefalonia (with its caves and wineries), Ithaca (with its mythical connection to Odysseus), and Zakynthos (with its shipwreck beach and sea turtles).

  • Sporades

    : A group of islands in the northern Aegean Sea, with a dense pine forest cover and a marine park. You can sail to Skiathos (with its lively town and
    over 60 beaches), Skopelos (with its scenic coves and Mamma Mia movie locations), Alonissos (with its protected seal habitat and traditional villages), and Skyros (with its wild horses and folk art).

If you want to sail in Greece, you should choose your destination according to your preferences, budget, and experience. You can find sailing routes for every taste
and difficulty level, from easy day trips to challenging multi-day adventures. You can also choose between different types of boats, such as yachts, catamarans,
sailboats, or motorboats. You can either rent a boat yourself if you have a sailing license or join a skippered or crewed charter if you want more comfort and guidance. You can also book sailing tours or cruises that include accommodation, meals, activities, and transfers.


Skiing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Greece,
but it is actually a very popular outdoor activity that you can do in the country.
Greece has more than 20 ski resorts that operate from December to April,
offering slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. You can ski on
snow-covered mountains with stunning views of the sea or the countryside.
You can also enjoy other winter sports, such as snowshoeing, sledding,
ice-skating, or snowmobiling. Skiing in Greece is not only a thrilling
and fun activity but also a way to experience the beauty and diversity
of the country in winter.

Some of the top skiing destinations in Greece are:

  • Mt Parnassos

    : The largest ski resort in Greece, located near Delphi
    and Arachova in central Greece. It has 23 slopes for all levels of skiers,
    as well as 13 lifts, 7 ski schools, 3 chalets, and 2 snow parks. It also has
    a panoramic view of the Corinthian Gulf.

  • Kalavrita

    : A ski resort on Mt Helmos in the Peloponnese,
    located near the historic town of Kalavrita. It has 12 slopes for all levels
    of skiers, as well as 7 lifts, 2 ski schools