What are the movies and TV shows that were filmed or set in Corfu and where can you see them?

Corfu is a beautiful Greek island in the Ionian Sea, known for its rich history, culture, and natural beauty. It has also been a popular destination for filmmakers, who have used its scenic landscapes, historic monuments, and charming villages as the backdrop for their stories. Here are some of the movies and TV shows that were filmed or set in Corfu and where you can see them:

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

This is one of the most famous movies that was filmed in Corfu, featuring the legendary James Bond, played by Roger Moore. The movie follows Bond as he tries to recover a missing British vessel that contains a weapons encryption device. Along the way, he encounters villains, allies, and beautiful women, including Melina Havelock, played by Carole Bouquet.

The movie was shot in various locations around Corfu, including the Villa Sylva at Kanoni, which served as a Spanish villa where Bond meets Milos Columbo, played by Topol. The villa is now a hotel and you can visit it or even stay there. Another location was the Achillion Palace, a neoclassical mansion built by Empress Elisabeth of Austria in the 19th century. The palace was used as the casino where Bond plays baccarat with Kristatos, played by Julian Glover. The palace is now a museum and you can admire its architecture, gardens, and statues.

Other locations in Corfu that were used for the movie include the Mon Repos Palace, where Bond meets Q, played by Desmond Llewelyn; the Old Fortress, where Bond escapes from a car chase; the Agios Spyridon Church, where Bond attends a wedding; the Paleokastritsa Bay, where Bond dives to find the sunken vessel; and the Pagi Village, where Bond drives a yellow Citroën 2CV with Melina.

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The Durrells (2016-2019)

This is a TV series based on the autobiographical books by Gerald Durrell, a British naturalist and writer. The series tells the story of his family’s adventures in Corfu in the 1930s, when they moved there from England to escape financial and personal troubles. The series stars Keeley Hawes as Louisa Durrell, the widowed mother of four children: Larry (Josh O’Connor), Leslie (Callum Woodhouse), Margo (Daisy Waterstone), and Gerry (Milo Parker).

The series was filmed mostly in Corfu, capturing its beauty and charm. Some of the locations that were used include the Danilia Village, a replica of a traditional Corfiot village that was built in the 1970s; the Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa, where the Durrells stayed in the first episode; the Agios Georgios Beach, where the Durrells swam and sunbathed; the Corfu Town Hall Square, where Louisa met Sven, played by Ulric von der Esch; and the Kalami Bay, where Larry lived with his wife Nancy, played by Anna Savva.

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Fedora (1978)

This is a drama film directed by Billy Wilder, based on a novella by Tom Tryon. The film follows Barry Detweiler (William Holden), a Hollywood producer who tries to persuade Fedora (Marthe Keller), a reclusive actress who was once a star, to come out of retirement and star in his new film. However, he soon discovers that Fedora has a dark and mysterious past that prevents her from returning to the spotlight.

The film was shot in various locations around Europe, including Corfu and Madouri Island. Corfu was used as the setting for Fedora’s secluded villa, where Barry first meets her. Madouri Island was used as the location for Fedora’s funeral scene. Madouri Island is a private island owned by the family of Aristotelis Valaoritis, a Greek poet and politician. The island has a neoclassical mansion that dates back to 1863.

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The Burglars (1971)

This is an action film directed by Henri Verneuil, based on a novel by David Goodis. The film follows a group of professional thieves who steal a valuable emerald from a wealthy Greek tycoon in Athens. However, they are pursued by a corrupt police inspector, Abel Zacharia (Omar Sharif), who wants the emerald for himself. The film stars Jean-Paul Belmondo, Dyan Cannon, and Robert Hossein as the burglars.

The film was shot in various locations in Greece, France, and Italy, including Corfu. Corfu was used as the setting for the final chase scene, where the burglars try to escape from Zacharia and his men. The scene was filmed on the coastal road of Corfu, near the village of Benitses. The scene involved several car crashes and explosions, which caused some damage to the road and the nearby buildings.

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The Girl from Corfu (1956)

This is a musical comedy film directed by Yorgos Tzavellas, based on a play by Nikos Tsiforos. The film follows Marina (Aliki Vougiouklaki), a young and beautiful girl from Corfu who works as a maid for a rich family in Athens. She falls in love with Nikos (Dimitris Papamichael), the son of her employers, but their relationship faces many obstacles and misunderstandings. The film also stars Vasilis Avlonitis, Smaro Stefanidou, and Giorgos Pappas.

The film was shot mostly in Athens, but some scenes were filmed in Corfu, showing Marina’s hometown and family. Corfu was used as the setting for the opening and closing scenes of the film, where Marina sings and dances with her friends and relatives. The scenes were filmed in the Old Town of Corfu, near the Liston Square and the Spianada Park.

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Other movies and TV shows that were filmed or set in Corfu

Here are some other movies and TV shows that were filmed or set in Corfu, but are not as well-known or widely available:

  • Apollo Goes on Holiday (1968) – A comedy film directed by Giorgos Lazaridis, starring Costas Hajihristos as Apollo Papadopoulos, a Greek tycoon who pretends to be poor to win the love of a girl from Corfu.
  • Hired to Kill (1990) – An action film directed by Nico Mastorakis, starring Brian Thompson as Frank Ryan, a mercenary who leads a team of female assassins to free a rebel leader from a South American dictator.
  • Pronto (1997) – A crime film directed by Jim McBride, based on a novel by Elmore Leonard. The film stars Peter Falk as Harry Arno, a bookmaker who flees to Greece after stealing money from his mob boss.
  • The Executioner (1970) – A spy film directed by Sam Wanamaker, starring George Peppard as John Shay, a CIA agent who investigates the death of his friend and colleague in Greece.
  • The Greek Tycoon (1978) – A drama film directed by J. Lee Thompson, loosely based on the life of Aristotle Onassis. The film stars Anthony Quinn as Theo Tomasis, a Greek shipping magnate who marries the widow of an assassinated US president.