How Paros Attracted Many Celebrities and Artists, and Inspired Movies and Books

Paros is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, famous for its white marble, picturesque villages, sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. But Paros is also a magnet for celebrities and artists, who have been drawn to its natural beauty, cultural heritage and creative atmosphere for decades. In this blog post, we will explore how Paros became a hotspot for the rich and famous, and what are some of the movies and books that were inspired by the island, such as The Magus by John Fowles.

Paros: A Haven for Celebrities and Artists

Paros has a long history of attracting celebrities and artists, dating back to ancient times. According to legend, the poet Archilochus was born on Paros in the 7th century BC, and wrote some of the earliest and most influential lyric poetry in Greek literature. Paros was also the birthplace of the sculptor Scopas, who worked on the Parthenon and other famous monuments in the 4th century BC. Parian marble was highly prized in antiquity, and was used to create masterpieces such as the Venus de Milo and the Nike of Samothrace.

In modern times, Paros has continued to lure celebrities and artists with its charm and inspiration. Some of the famous visitors and residents of Paros include:

  • Monica Bellucci

    : The Italian actress and model has been a frequent visitor to Paros since 2017, and has described it as one of her favorite vacation destinations. She has been spotted enjoying the sun, sea and local cuisine on the island, and has said she would consider buying a holiday home there.

  • Leonard Cohen

    : The Canadian singer-songwriter and poet spent some time on Paros in the 1960s, where he wrote some of his early songs and poems. He rented a house in the village of Lefkes, where he befriended local musicians and artists. He also met his muse and lover Marianne Ihlen on the nearby island of Hydra.

  • John Fowles

    : The British novelist and essayist lived on Paros for two years in the 1950s, where he taught English at a school. He was inspired by his experiences on the island to write his first novel, The Magus, which he later revised and published in 1965. The Magus is a postmodern thriller that tells the story of Nicholas Urfe, a young English teacher who becomes entangled in the psychological games of a mysterious recluse on a Greek island.

  • Yannis Dendrinos

    : The Greek painter and sculptor is a self-taught artist who lives and works on Paros. He creates expressive portraits of human faces using white marble from the island. He explores themes such as identity, emotion and truth through his art.

  • Athanassiadou Gallery

    : This is one of the most prominent art galleries on Paros, founded by Zina Athanasiadou in 1983. The gallery showcases contemporary Greek and foreign artists, as well as young emerging talents. It also fosters collaborations with other art galleries abroad. The gallery is located in Marpissa, a traditional village with whitewashed houses and windmills.

Paros: A Source of Inspiration for Movies and Books

Paros has not only attracted celebrities and artists, but also inspired them to create movies and books based on or set on the island. Some of the most notable examples are:

  • The Magus

    : As mentioned above, this is John Fowles’ first novel, which he wrote partly based on his experiences on Paros. The novel was adapted into a film in 1968, directed by Guy Green and starring Michael Caine, Anthony Quinn and Candice Bergen. The film was shot on location on Paros and other Greek islands, but it was poorly received by critics and audiences alike. Fowles himself disowned the film, calling it \”a disaster\”.

  • The Bourne Identity

    : This is a 2002 spy thriller film based on the novel by Robert Ludlum. It stars Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, an amnesiac CIA assassin who tries to uncover his identity while being pursued by his former employers. The film features several scenes shot on Paros, such as a car chase through the narrow streets of Naoussa, a fishing village with a Venetian port.

  • Summer Lovers

    : This is a 1982 romantic comedy film written and directed by Randal Kleiser. It stars Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah and Valerie Quennessen as three young Americans who have a ménage à trois on a Greek island. The film was shot on location on Paros and Santorini, and features stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the Cycladic architecture.

  • The Magus

    : This is a 1995 novel by John Fowles, which is a sequel to his earlier novel The Magus. It follows the adventures of Nicholas Urfe, who returns to the Greek island where he met the mysterious Conchis, and discovers that his life is still influenced by the godgame. The novel was never published in Fowles’ lifetime, but it was leaked online in 2005.

  • Paros: A Travel Guide

    : This is a 2019 book by Eleni Gage, which is part of the Culture Smart! series. It provides an insightful and practical guide to Paros, covering its history, culture, cuisine, attractions and tips for travelers. It also includes interviews with local experts and celebrities, such as Monica Bellucci and Yannis Dendrinos.


Paros is a Greek island that has a lot to offer to celebrities and artists, as well as to anyone who appreciates beauty, culture and creativity. Paros has been a haven for famous visitors and residents for centuries, and has inspired many movies and books that capture its essence. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday, a cultural immersion or a creative boost, Paros is the perfect destination for you.